Elden Ring Releasing Soon: How to Pre-order and Game Plot Revealed

Elden Ring has redefined the dark fantasy genre and this is one of the highly acclaimed games. This game will be played from a third-person perspective and will have the best features that were found in the popular predecessors, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne.

This spiritual successor game is developed by FromSoftware who is known for building some of the best enemies in the gaming world. 

It looks like the Elden Ring is not going to be much different from its predecessors. But one thing that the developers have emphasized is expanding the scope of exploration.

Since there will be a new open-world setting that has been built along with George R.R. Martin, players can continue their adventures through the Lands Between. On the way, they need to come across enemies from dragons to the mad kings. 

Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s most anticipated as well as the biggest release yet. So, there are a lot of points to uncover. 

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Elden Ring UK Release Date

There has been a lot of delays since the corona pandemic interrupted the operations. But finally, the gamers can order this much-awaited game.

The official announcement initially declared a January 2022 release. But the release date has been rescheduled. Thus, the new release date is 25th February 2022. 

How to Pre-order the Elden Ring?

The developers of the Elden Ring are allowing pre-order exclusively for the fans. This dark fantasy game is priced at £59.99. You can play the game or Xbox Series X as well as Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and even Xbox One. 

If you are considering pre-ordering it, you are going to get it at a discounted price. Get it for £49.99 on pre-or sing through Amazon, Very, Currys, Game, and Argos. 

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Players who will be buying the ‘launch edition’, are going to get certain perks. The players will get a physical copy of the game, a woven patch, a poster, art cards, stickers, and the limited-edition metal disc case. 

For those crazy players who want the best, you can opt for the “collector edition”. The gamer will be getting a large box, a premium 9-inches statue of any one of the popular game characters, and also a hardcover art book. But sadly, it is completely sold out.

Elden Ring Overview

The storyline of Elden Ring is quite interesting. The source of the Erdtree gets shattered. It is located in the center of the Lands Between.

Queen Marina ruled the Lands Between and after the destruction, Marika’s offspring and other demigods have claimed the shards of the Elden ring and are famously known as the Great Runes. This led to a war that has been called Shattering. 

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Players will play the character ‘Tarnished’ and their main objective is to battle against the demigods. They may also have to collect the Great Runes for restoring the shattered land. More details related to the game will be revealed soon. 

One interesting thing about this game is that this is a multiplayer game. So, players can team up to come out victorious. It is quite similar to Dark Souls since the players can explore or visit other worlds.

Besides, players can find secret code messages left by the co-players that will help them to navigate through the world. These tips can lead you to hidden areas, give hints about powerful enemies, or just motivate you to stay strong for the upcoming journey.

After looking at the hype among the players, it can be guaranteed that pre-orders are the best way to acquire Elden Ring. The reviews are exciting worldwide gamers and once it is released, the gamers will know if this game was worth the wait.


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