The Chainsmokers Announce Release Date for First New Music in Three Years: Listen

One of the leading brands of the music industry has decided to get back in the show. Big news coming from the music world this year. The Chiansmokers are returning to the stage after the long pause. Fans all over the world are going crazy after this revelation.

Where Were the Chain-smokers for That Long Period?

Alex pall and Drew Taggart decided to announce a break from social media and music back in 2019. They told their fans that they need more time to cultivate the best music for them.

Although this was quite heartbreaking for millions of their followers, this year the chainsmokers seem to break all records.

As they claimed before that they are buying some time to produce the best music which is why fans all over the world have high hopes for the new album.

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How Did the Chain Smokers Take the Internet by Storm?

In the last couple of days, the chain smoker became quite active on social media. Firstly they changed the profile picture of their media but it was not what people usually see. As it was a picture of some other guys.

Among them, one was Rayn O’ Flanagan. Rayan was also seen before on different shows like American Vandal and the new girl. These guys are said to be doppelgangers of Alex pall and Drew Taggart.

The Chainsmokers
The Chainsmokers

People all over the internet loved that a lot as it showed signs that their favorites are returning. These doppelganger boys were also seen in the recent concert in Las Vegas in which they connected with the crowd by getting up on the stage.

That concert was on the occasion of the anniversary of The chainsmokers first music album named “The reapers” with amy sharks

Chain smokers have given back-to-back hits since their launch in the music industry. Some of their hits include ‘P.S. I Hope You’re Happy’ in collaboration with Blink-182 and ‘Takeaway’ with ILLENIUM and Lennon Stella. 

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When Will We Be Seeing the Chainsmokers Back Into Action?

After taking a long break from the music industry The chainsmokers are all set to blow the music industry with their new album: High.

They took the pandemic quite seriously and worked on their next music chapter. Recently they revealed the date of “high” on social media. “High” will be dropping on 13th January 2022.


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