Kerbal Space Program 2 Release Date – Everything We Know 

Kerbal Space Program 2 (KSP 2) is an upcoming game, releasing soon, that has created a buzz among many players. The news of its launch has excited many gamers across the globe. 

The Space flight simulation video game is developed by Intercept Games and published by Private Division.

It is a sequel of the first game in the franchise, which gained popularity and was hugely welcomed by everyone. So an updated version of the successful game just makes sense.

The sequel of the Kerbal Space Program is scheduled to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It will look tremendous on the next-generation consoles. 

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But it needs to be highlighted that the audience has high hopes and expectations a lot, all thanks to the immense success of the first game. Everyone believes that the developers will outdo themselves and impress the whole gaming community. 

So Here Is All Toy Want to Know About the Kerbal Space Program

The Release Date

The release date of the Kerbal Space Program 2 is not yet confirmed. All we know is that it will be released sometime in 2022.

The game creators have released a cinematic trailer for the eager fans. Although the trailer does not show the gameplay, it does display the landscapes the players will get to explore in the game. 

Kerbal Space Program 2
Kerbal Space Program 2


Kerbal Space Program 1 had the multilayer and Co-op feature, so fans are wondering if there will be a multilayer gaming mode in the sequel as well. So the answer is most probably yes; these game modes will be available in Kerbal Space Program 2. 


Much to the delight of the players, Kerbal Space Program has dedicated its YouTube channel to discussing and showing all the new exciting features exclusively for the fans.

In an episodic manner, all the different details will be shared; and you can observe how the gameplay has improved since the first game. So head to their channel to know all the details. 

The Key Features Include the Following

  1. Improved onboarding

New tutorials with animation, significantly improved UI, revamped assembly and flight interfaces that allow the experienced players and the beginners to use their creativity without the risk of sacrificing any of the challenges of the original game. 

  1. Next-generation Technology

The new technology is going to enable new features of exploring the space, not just within but beyond the Kerbolar System. 

  1. Colonies

What is astonishing about this updated version is that now you can build more than just vehicles. With rockets and spaceplanes, now players can construct entire colonies. 

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Price of the Game

The game will be available to be bought and pre-purchased on Steam. The price is not finalized, but the expectation is around 40 – 50. 

So the Kerbal Space Program 2 has everyone waiting, and hopefully, soon, we will get the confirmation of the release date. All the gamers out there, stay tuned for further information and all the details you have been waiting for so long.

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