Pokemon Unite Trevenant: New Pokemon’s Moveset Revealed [Complete Info]

Pokemon Unite, the alluring game released by TiMi Studios, continues to live up to our expectations. Launched in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, the game made its way to our PCs and cell phones due to its popularity.

Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game in which teams of five battle against each other using the Pokemons. The winner is determined by the skill level or power of the Pokemon, coupled with the strategy of the player.

As far as the abilities of Pokemons are concerned, there is a wide variety of Pokemon available in the game, you just have to select the right one that complements your fighting style.

Pokemon belong to different categories, similar to the anime TV series. These decide the prowess of that particular Pokemon, such as the attack types and defense moves.

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All around the globe, gamers and fans of the Pokemon Series are equally hooked. What makes it even more popular, is the announcement made by the game developer. Pokemon Unite will be included in this year’s Pokemon World Championship.

Teams from the world over will be participating in this Championship, playing against each other for the entire season. To determine the Champion, a grand finale match has already been scheduled for August 2022.

The fame Pokemon Unite enjoys stems from the fact that the developers update the game frequently, adding new features to the virtual world of Pokemon. Features are not restricted to the fixing of bugs, instead, the TiMi studios release a new Pokemon regularly. 

Dragonite – Pokemon Unite’s Holiday Season Addition

As an example, let’s look at the prior release of the Dragonite Pokemon that took place on December 19th, 2021 at 4 PM PT.

Belonging to the All-rounder type, with equal attack and defensive prowess, the creature made its place quickly into the hearts of Pokemon Unite gamers. It seems a bit like Outrage in the original series. Dragonite can be purchased for 10000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

Its moveset includes Dash and Slam abilities, Hyper Beam, Draco Impact, Dragon Breath, and the Unite Move.

Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the fantastic realm of Pokemon, where a new creature awaits us.

Pokemon Unite Trevenant
Pokemon Unite Trevenant

Trevenant: The Ghostly Tree

Would you like to play the game under your covers, late into the night? If yes, then think again! This newly added Pokemon is spooky, but its strengths make it lovable and cute.

Trevenant is a grass/ghost type of Pokemon that was initially released as a part of Generation 6th of Pokemons, i.e. ‘Pokemon X and Y’s.

Trevenant is an evolution of the Phantump Pokemon and resembles a tree.

What makes these two Pokemons so special is the ability to learn the “Forest’s Curse”, a move that damages all non-grass-type Pokemons. Read on to find about nearly all the moves of Trevenant that have been revealed as of now.

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Moveset of Trevenant

Pokemon Name: Trevenant

Type: Defender (melee)

Difficulty: Intermediate

Move 1: Forest’s Curse

This signature move has been discussed above. An aura is created around the Pokemon, which if envelops the opponent Pokemon, can cause heavy damages. Expect a big AoE DMG, and a new hindrance to all the Pokemons present within the region.

Move 2: The Spirit Chain

This move drains the energy of the opponent. It is similar to the Pain Split move according to the video released officially.

Move 3: Wood Hammer

The creature, Trevenant, shapes a hammer out from its limbs and uses it to crush the opposition.

Move 4: Horn Leech

In this move, Trevenant can shovel and pushes the enemies in its way. This is an initial move and so it can’t damage much.

Price of the Pokemon

For a sum of 460 Aeos Gems or 8000 Aeos Coins, the players can buy the Pokemon License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop. 

Release Date of Trevenant

Probably, you must be wondering by now, when this awesome Pokemon will be released into the virtual Pokemon world. On January 20th, 2022, the creature will get live on Pokemon Unite around 1 PM PT.

Mark your calendars! Trevenant will be coming soon to Aeos Island to join other grass-type Pokemons like Decidueye, Eldergoss, and Tsareena.

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