Trails From Zero Announced Limited and Deluxe Editions: Release Date Isn’t Confirmed

NISA along with NISA Europe announced their newest addition of JRPG Trails of Zero to their iconic lines of the game. This revelation has shocked the fans because honestly, fans didn’t see this sudden release coming in their way.

The good news is that it will be released with a bunch of extra exclusive merchandise. Pre-orders will be live on 17th January 2022, Monday, and fans from Europe can soon order their copy.

The US players can easily pre-order the game now as it is already up for pre-booking in the NISA Online Store.  

Trails of Zero Price & Merchandises

NISA’s online store is currently witnessing high demand for the game since it has assured a limited-edition version. This is exclusively available only in NISA’s online store.

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You can pre-book the game in the US for only $89.99. The price is set a bit high than usual. Besides, the player is going to receive a couple of cool merchandise along with it.  

The fans will be getting merchandise that is going to be exclusive. It will come with a cloth poster, the game, the soundtrack on CD, a hardcover art book, a steel book plus a beautiful acrylic stand displaying the chibi characters.

Moreover, it comes in special packaging for maintaining the limited edition feel of the game.  

For the deluxe edition, fans are only going to get a digital soundtrack as well as a mini art book. Now, we can hope that the price will be low compared to the limited edition. But there hasn’t been any confirmation yet.

Plus, another announcement that made many fans happy is about the instant upgrade. NISA clearly stated that for players who have pre-order the game’s standard edition through the store, their orders will be immediately upgraded.

So, now the gamers who ordered the standard edition will receive the deluxe edition of the game. Happy news, right?  

You may have already dreamt about receiving the special editions of this game but what about the release date? Well, NISA may have hinted that this game will be released during the autumn of 2022 in or maybe fall for the Americans.

Trails from Zero
Trails from Zero

Trails From Zero Platforms

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero will be launched on all the popular platforms. It will be available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and even PC. So, players need to own one of these to make the most of the game. 

Trails From Zero Updates

NISA America, the famous publisher that launched the successful series of Trails titles in the West, had teased about the upcoming release. NSI America took to Twitter and wrote, “We have Zero things to talk about tomorrow…”

This may be hinted at the launch of Trails from Zero that we can expect to release any time in 2022. Also, fans are speculating that the sequel, Trails from Azure will be released on the same platforms sometime around 2023. That’s not it.

NISA is also planning on releasing The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie and even The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails.

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Meanwhile, it’s rumored that the Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II -CRIMSON SIN is currently under production. Falcom is looking forward to making this launch only in Japan and on platforms like PS4 & PS5. 

There are minimal chances of releasing the game before expected but there are no reasons to get the hopes high.

It can be said that the game has become a craze amongst the players and if you are planning on getting it, pre-purchase it. For more information related to the plot, stay updated.

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