Tesla Cybertruck Price, Rumored Release Date Status, Interior, Specs and Latest News [Latest Updates]

Tesla Cybertruck is, possibly, the most unique-looking vehicle to strike the road for years. It appears like whoever designed the car has a real vendetta against curves and likes PS1-era graphics a bit too much. 

Although, Elon Musk’s pet project provides much more than its bizarre angular design. Also, Cybertruck is set to provide all those things for which Tesla is known. That involves the minimalist design, some of the most extended range on the market, and all the hi-tech attributes you could ever ask for.

So, here’s everything you are required to know regarding the Tesla Cybertruck.

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Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

Tesla was initially set to start production on the Cybertruck in late 2021 but then postponed that till sometime late this year. Although, according to some recent reports, it could be delayed to early 2023, something that appears to be supported by Tesla withdrawing the 2022 launch window from Cybertruck’s order page.

Primary defers were due to issues in the supply chain, which have been impacting the automotive industry en masse. Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla couldn’t make sufficient 4680 battery cells for the Cybertruck, though the unique steel frame was said to need a brand-new casting machine to be developed.

In the meantime, Tesla has been clear regarding its priorities, claiming that it wouldn’t start Cybertruck production till the Texas Giga factory had started production on new Model Ys. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet, which means Cybertruck’s status is still pending.

Unfortunately, we do not know about when the Cybertruck launches and what the delays signify for the production schedule of the dual and single motor models. 

Tesla Cybertruck Price

Recently, Tesla removed a heap of Cybertruck details from its website, along with classifications and pricing. Although, we still know what Tesla used to say the truck would cost, which is quite an excellent place to start with.

The single-motor Cybertruck, the last one anticipated to go into production, is planned to begin at $39,990 — $5,000 cheaper than the cheapest Model 3. In the meantime, though, the dual-motor model, complete with all-wheel drive, was said to price at $49,990.

The tri-motor Cybertruck, initially the flagship model, is set to land at $69,990. The quad-motor variant pricing price is still unknown, as it never showed up on the Tesla website.

All 4 models will have Basic Autopilot as standard, but the Complete Self Driving feature will be available against an extra charge. Currently, that package is available for $12,000, while we believe the Cybertruck will also be entitled to the $199-a-month FSD subscription.

Although considering the price of Full Self Driving Autopilot has increased by $6,000 since July 2019, more hikes in prices may be possible. Elon Musk himself has stated as much on more than one occasion.

The Cybertruck was also expected to be rolling out to the United Kingdom. Although, Musk has stated that currently, the truck is being made to U.S. requisites, as putting efforts to make it apt for every country would be unfeasible. Price in the U.K. and information related to release are still not known.

Tesla Cybertruck Design

Regardless of your thoughts on Tesla, or its CEO, you cannot decline that the Cybertruck has excellent. Tesla CEO himself took to Twitter to share his opinions, which is why people discover the truck so intriguing.

There’s a little hyperbole there, as the Cybertruck looks pretty similar to a ’90s vision of the future. Yet he’s not incorrect that the truck seems different from anything else the automotive industry is working on.

YouTube video

One essential thing to keep in mind regarding the Cybertruck is that the design we have seen isn’t totally what will roll off the production line. Musk has said that the truck will arrive with side mirrors, something that must be there following the law in the United States and multiple other countries.

Musk has asserted that those mirrors are designed so that it becomes easy to pull. Laws on the legitimacy of driving without side mirrors is dependent on the state to state, so potential Cybertruck buyers might desire to keep watch on that before time.

The Cybertruck has also been seen with a considerable windshield wiper, with just a single blade for the complete front of the truck. Given the size of the windshield, it’s shocking that Tesla is choosing a single blade during the testing period. Although, Musk said that this definite design is not the final one.

Since it is an excellent non-conformist vehicle, the Cybertruck will also be involving a different perspective on the materials it utilizes. The steel exoskeleton will be its chief selling point, which Tesla asserts is built from 30x cold-rolled stainless steel, purportedly the most challenging thing Tesla could arrive at.

When the Cybertruck was announced initially, Musk was boasting regarding that strength too much, even flaunting how it survived against a sledgehammer and 9mm handgun rounds. However, the glass wasn’t so strong and turned out smacking when struck with a metal ball.

It must also be noted that the truck would be available in colours other than the standard metallic silver. We are aware of these tanks to the then SRE Aerodynamic Engineer sharing a picture of himself at Tesla with a matte black Cybertruck in the background.

Tesla Cybertruck Interior

There is not a massive amount of stuff we have seen inside the Cybertruck. But initial reviews indicate that the interior would adhere to the Tesla formula that appeared in other cars, especially the definite-spacious Model X.

Although, everything is much more angular, fitting a vehicle with as many straight edges as the Cybertruck.

There’s space for up to six people, and the steering wheel consists of the same butterfly yoke design that can also be seen in the latest Model S and Model X cars. The dash is as minimalist as any other Tesla, except with a marble effect rather than something more traditional.

The commercial screen takes centre stage, usually, and similar to the Model 3 and Model Y appears like this screen will be the only thing displaying any information. The missing gauge cluster behind the steering wheel was one of my major complaints with the Tesla Model 3, and it’s a trend we wish would end quite soon.

Tesla Cybertruck Battery and Range

We are aware that Tesla is set to comprise the new 4680 battery cells in the Cybertruck. Musk himself accepted that the truck’s postponement is, in part, because of the inability of the automaker to make sufficient cells cost-effectively.

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The 4680 batteries are a marvel of engineering, with Tesla committing that the spiral design provides 16% more range and six times the power of its current battery cells. The cells are also expected to cost less to make, and those savings can be reflected in the final cost of the truck.

EVs are usually quite expensive than gasoline-powered cars, so this would be a significant victory, mainly if Tesla is serious about rolling out a $25,000 car by 2023.

Tesla Cybertruck Range

Like many cars, the range of the Cybertruck is dependent on the model you opt to buy. Earlier, Tesla said that the single motor model would provide 250 miles of content, the least Elon Musk asserts he will let Tesla provide.

In the meantime, improvement to the dual-motor model ups that range to 300 miles, which sounds to be a more impressive figure. The tri-motor model is also supposed to provide more than 500 miles of range on a single charge, which is just insane.

Although this figure was announced before Musk cancelled the Model S Plaid, saying that the car’s 500+ miles of approximated range was way too much. So, it’s uncertain what this signifies for the Cybertruck.

Sadly, the range of the quad-motor model is just not known, and as the extra motor needs additional energy, we are not entirely sure if it will be more or less than the tri-motor model is expected to give.

Tesla Cybertruck Performance

As per Tesla, the single-motor Cybertruck can run from zero to 60 miles per hour within 6.5 seconds. That’s quite apathetic by Tesla standard, but this is a truck, and their bulk usually prevents any super-fast acceleration.

However, this turns the performance of the higher-end models slightly more intriguing. The dual-motor Cybertruck can go to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, whereas the tri-motor model can do it within 2.9 seconds. That’s incredibly fast for such a massive vehicle, and it is possible to offer some other, less bulky electric cars a run for their money.

Additionally, like a truck, the Cybertruck will be capable of towing 7,500 lbs with a single motor, 10,000 lbs with two, whereas 14,000 lbs on the tri-motor model.

Currently, no information is with us regarding the quad-motor variant at all, while we suppose that extra motor may be utilized with additional acceleration and towing capacity.

The Cybertruck is set to turn up with rear-wheel steerings, like the GMC Hummer EV’s ‘crab mode’ and lets the Cybertruck drive diagonally to move out of tight spots. We suppose the wuad-mot0or model to succeed, as each wheel will have its motor to give momentum.

Tesla Cybertruck Outlook

The Cybertruck can be a massive deal in the world of electric trucks, which is up to the fact Tesla has so much influence on the market. Though its cool design may turn out to be upsetting for some, it’s the type of thing that can become impressive to people who desire to be capable of standing out, whether they already drive a truck or not.

Although, the continuous deferment does not forebode well for Cybertruck’s opportunities. The electric truck industry has already begun speeding up, with the Rivian R1T and GMC Hummer EV already coming out on the streets and the Ford F-150 Lightning rolling out very soon. 

One could say that they don’t have the sway similar to Tesla, mainly where range and technology are points of concern. But the longer people are asked to wait for the Tesla Cybertruck, the more time the competition has chances to end the gap.

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