The Last of Us 3 Release Date: Confirmed or Cancelled?

The last of us 3, is finally here. We now have some official information coming from the co-president Neil Druckman himself. It seems like the naughty dog is currently

working on multiple projects. It’s not just the last of his part three, but there are so many other games that naughty dog is currently working on, one of them being a new IP, a multiplayer, the last of us part three, and plenty of other stuff we will get into all the details here.

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What projects Naughty Dog is currently working on?

The co-president has now said that they are working on The last of us part three along with the thing which could be a brand new IP. It is going to be a PlayStation exclusive game. And some of them say that the next rumoured naughty dog game will be some open role game that games like grand theft auto will inspire, so we have no other pieces of information.

The Last of Us 3 Release Date: what to expect from the new version?

For the release date of part 3, the developers’ information is unclear. The rumours will take a couple more years because we have just gotten the last of us part two. Therefore, part three will probably take at least two to three years. For this game to come out, they do not have any high hopes to see the last of us part three anytime soon. And apart from that, the naughty dog has also confirmed that they are currently working on the last of us part one remake.

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 Yes, the naughty dog is currently making “The last of us part one”, the original game’s remake version, and rumour has it that they’re changing up the entire cast. The cast that will be playing the last of us HBO tv show will be the protagonist of the remake version. Some fans will not be delighted with this decision, but we still have to explore the game with a new protagonist with much better graphics.

The story on which the new part will be based is not announced yet, but as per developers’ statements, we might see the love story between Yara and Lev.


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