Brazen 2 Release Date Updates, Cast, Synopsis, and More

Brazen is an American thriller film which is based on the novel Brazen Virtue written by Nora Roberts.

The film is written by David Golden, directed by Monika Mitchell, and stars Alyssa Milano, Sam Page, and Colleen Wheeler. The romantic thriller was released on Netflix on January 13, 2022.

So those who loved the movie must be waiting to know the updates on Brazen 2 and here’s what we know so far about the second installment of Brazen.

Brazen 2 Release Date

Seeing the responses, the first installment of Brazen received yet it would be too soon to ask for a second one since as of now the film has not received many overwhelming reviews to renew the movie.

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The movie has an IMDB rating of 2.9 out of 10 and a mere 17% on rotten tomatoes and with this, it may be difficult for the makers to think of renewing the film.

If the movie gets renewed, we cannot expect it before 2023. Still, these are just speculations and we will have to wait until any announcement comes. 

Brazen 2 Cast

We can expect all the main characters to return for Brazen 2 to reprise their roles and here are the names:

  • Alyssa Milano in the character of Grace
  • Sam Page will portray the role of Ed
  • Colleen Wheeler in the role of Senator Baxter
  • Lossen Chambers in the role of Stacey White

There may be certain additions as well to the cast but for that, we have to rely on announcements by the Brazen team.

Brazen 2
Brazen 2

Brazen 2 Plot

Since the movie is based on the novel and there isn’t any sequel novel to the same. So, rather than creating any other murder case for Ed and Grace to resolve, Netflix can jump on another Nora Roberts novel for the sequel of the movie.

Since the sequel has not been announced yet so no words have been uttered yet about the storyline of Brazen 2. 

Brazen 2 Trailer

We cannot expect any trailer any time soon since the sequel hasn’t been confirmed yet. We hope to get some affirmative updates on the subject soon.

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The chances of the movie getting renewed for a sequel is less but Netflix can turn up with an update and may announce Brazen 2 but it will take some time at least since it’s not been even a week since the release of Brazen.

We will update you as soon as there is any information available, until then stay tuned.


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