South Park Season 25 Release Date announced: Is it renewed for season 30

The iconic series of South Park is back to make all the audiences laugh. This is the 25th season of this hugely popular animated comedy series and it is back for all the right reasons. Start counting the dates, your favorite show, South Park season 25 is premiering on February 2nd and we will be getting our daily dose of laughter.  

South Park Release Date & Platform 

Upon the announcement that was made on Friday, the team had confirmed that it will be aired on Comedy Central. It will start airing on February 2nd, 2022 and creators are happy to bring back these characters to relieve some of the stress from an individual’s life.

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South Park was very irregular since 2019 and instead came out with two pandemic standalone specials. These specials were aired in September 2020 as well as March 2021 respectively.

Sadly, this was season 24 for the fans that aired on Comedy Central and even Paramount+. There wasn’t much to offer but these two standalone didn’t disappoint the viewers at all. 

So, the new 25th season is going to be South Park’s comeback with a full season after 2019. The fans have waited long enough and this new season is surely going to be epic. This legendary show debuted on 13th August 1997 and after almost 25 years, the show is still going strong. 

Brazen 2
Brazen 2

The legendary creators of South Park, Matt Stone as well as Trey Parker are currently planning on launching six episodes. Thus, there will be weekly episodes to keep you entertained. 

The co-creators happily passed the remark, “To be halfway done with South Park is a great accomplishment-we can’t lie.”

Chris McCarthy, the CEO and President of ViacomCBS Media Networks as well as MTV Entertainment Studios said, “For the past 25 years, multiple generations of fans have grown up enchanted by the outlandishly funny and subversive world that Matt and Trey have created with South Park.”

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Comedy Central renewed South Park for Season 3 

Now, we already know that South Park movies are a big hit just like the series. You can exclusively watch these movies on Paramount+. As the agreement with Comedy Central is still in place, audiences can see as many as 14 original movies coming from the South Park creators by 2027.

The first film was dedicated to our struggles during covid and named South Park: Post Covid. Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and Stan were seen trying hard to obtain normalcy back in their life. It was released in November 2021.

On the other hand, South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid aired in December. It was a continuation that showed the life of boys in 40years. Obviously, the audiences will see the adult versions of the characters in this. 

A commitment has been made to the Comedy Central team for the upcoming 75 days as confirmed by Stone and Parkers. 

However, there has been a new update with the deal as announced in August 2021. Great news for fans, your all-time hit show is picked up till season 30 by Comedy Central. So, your entertainment quota is covered for a long time. 

South Park Movie with Kendrick Lamar

Another history will be created as Kendrick Lamar along with the creators are planning on creating a live-action comedy. Lamar will be producing the film.

The film still remains to be untitled but as per sources, the production will start in the spring of 2022. The film will show the life of a Black young man whose past and present will collide in the process.

This unnamed man will be interning for the slave re-enactor role in a history museum. There he will learn about his past. His white girlfriend belongs to a family whose ancestors used to own his ancestors.

Kendrick will closely work with his long-time manager Dave Free who also happens to be his business partner. They own a multi-disciplinary company named pang.

 Besides, the South Parker creators will produce through their own company, Park County. The original writer of South Parker, Vernon Chatman will also write this script.Till then, enjoy the new South Park episodes to make your day happier.


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