Company of Heroes 3: Expected Release Date, Trailer, System Requirements, Gameplay

Company of Heroes 3 will take the players back in time with its Mediterranean setting dating back to World War II. As it is expected to release soon, we are uncovering more details. 

Company of Heroes 3 Release Date

The official release date of Company Of Heroes 3 is yet to be revealed but fans can expect it to be available to play by the end of 2022.

What Do You Need to Know?

Developed by Relic Entertainment, it is going to be a real-time strategy game taking the players back to the period of World War II. With the latest edition, the strategy masters Relic Entertainment are going to showcase the newest features that will be extremely fun and exciting for the players. Over the years, it has earned the reputation of being one of the best Real-Time Strategy games around.  

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While the RTS genre is on the decline, Company of Heroes has continued to be an interesting game for strategy game lovers. 

Company of Heroes 3
Company of Heroes 3

The previous versions of the game saw the fighters going through the Western and Eastern fronts. In the latest edition, the company will head to the Mediterranean. Players will be able to not only take on battles but also take on territories of North Africa and Italy.  

As a player, you will be able to choose to be a part of the German, UK, and US forces but on the campaign, one can play as the allies only. In addition to that, players are going to have a lot of fun as here one can command both simultaneously.

There are going to be campaigns that need to be completed, real-time battles to be won, and an “intimate boots-on-the-ground storytelling” that will continue to keep the fun and excitement alive throughout. Company of Heroes 3 will have multiple new tactics and factions that one can unlock as the game progresses and will bring out unheard and untold stories, dating back to World War II.

System Requirements

An Intel i5 4 core, 8th Generation processor with a minimum of 8 gigs of RAM is required to run the game smoothly. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or equivalent video card with 3GB RAM, a minimum disk space of 4GB, and Windows 10 64Bit is required to play.

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While these are the minimum requirements, the recommended requirements are a bit higher with Intel i7 8th Generation, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 with a dedicated video RAM of 8192 MB. It is also recommended that there is a free disk space of at least 8GB for the best gaming quality.

About the Game

Factions in the game include British, Americans, and Wehrmacht while the partisan resistance mechanics represent the Italians only. 

One can discover a turn-based campaign layer that resembles Total War or Steel Division 2. 

As a part of the campaign gameplay, there will be air and naval assets along with a third rail-based option. 

There will be dedicated tech trees and abilities for the companies that are also the main campaign level unit. 

Improved RTS later where one gets the ability to hot breach garrisoned buildings and get rid of the units inside of it. 

Beta Version

While there is no information on the beta, previously Relic Entertainment has released a demo in the alpha stage of development of the game. 


The gameplay is going to be quite interesting and requires you to be strategically sound to dominate. The trailer has impressed the gaming community already as the incredible new visuals and animation add a new level of excitement to the gameplay.  

Previously, Company of Heroes 1 and Company of Heroes 2 have been very successful and Company of Heroes 3, is aiming to give a fresh feel to the franchise. In the latest edition, new mechanics and modes have been added that will take the excitement to a whole new level. 


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