Kamala Harris ‘Will Not Absolve’ Senators Who Oppose Biden Agenda

On Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris stated that she is “not going to absolve” senators who are standing against the Democratic-controlled legislation that is targeted at rebuilding the U.S. election system.

Harris, who made the remarks while responding to a question regarding Senators Joe Manchin, D-W.Va, and Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz, also said that legislators interrupting in passing the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act are failing to keep up with their oath to protect the Constitution.

During a volunteer event in Washington, D.C, marking Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Vice President said that “The United States Senate has the opportunity and, I daresay, the responsibility to pass these bills through Congress so the president can sign them.

And the resistance to doing that will not deter us from our commitment to getting it done.”

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Harris Comments on the Lack of Support by Manchin and Sinema

When she was questioned by a reporter regarding Manchin and Sinema, whose persistent deficient support has hindered aspects of Biden’s agenda, Harris stated, “As I’ve said before, there are 100 members of the United States Senate, and I’m not going to absolve, nor should any of us, absolve any member of the United States Senate from taking on a responsibility to follow through on the oath that they all took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

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Harris Commented on Legislators Violating Their Oath

Earlier, Harris has stated that legislators who are not willing to go together with Biden’s voting rights legislation are not defying their oath.

Earlier this week, Harris told NBC News “When we have the discussion about who’s responsible, I will not absolve the 50 Republicans in the United States Senate from responsibility for upholding one of the most basic and important tenets of our democracy, which is free and fair elections and access to the ballot for all eligible voters.”

When Craig Melvin, NBC News anchor also pointed out Manchin and Sinema, Harris stated, “I don’t think anyone should be absolved from the responsibility of preserving and protecting our democracy,” she then added, “Especially when they took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution.”

Earlier this week, after a racially-stuffed speech from Biden aimed to gin up backing for suspending the filibuster, Sinema gave a speech describing her rejection to lean on not removing the filibuster.

Biden has blamed those who are not in support of forcing through the election rebuild bill by suspending the filibuster of being on the side of prominent Democrat segregationists such as Bull Connor and George Wallace, and Confederate President Jefferson Davis as well.

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