Selling Sunset Season 5: Did Mary Fitzgerald hint about its early release

If you enjoy watching shows about real estate hunting, there is nothing better than the Netflix hit Selling Sunset. It’s a show where you will get to see the fun of luxurious property hunting and the latest news of new episodes is taking the excitement of the fans to the next level. The Selling Sunset fame Mary Fitzgerald may have just confirmed about its early release. 

 Selling Sunset has a huge fan base and it is considered to be one of the biggest reality shows ever. Netflix released the latest episode in November 2021 and since then fans have been waiting for the next installment. Although most of the time, a new season comes out after a gap of several months, Season 5 might be around the corner.

 Mary Fitzgerald, one of the important faces of the show, just hinted that Selling Sunset Season 5 can release much earlier, making the hungry fans even more excited and intrigued.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the new season of Selling Sunset and Mary Fitzgerald took this opportunity to go on Instagram and showcase her gorgeous new white suit. Not only this gives a sneak peek into her wardrobe for the next season, but it also teases the fans who have been waiting eagerly yet patiently for season 5.

It took Selling Sunset almost a year to launch Season 4 in November of 2021 but the next installment could be knocking at the door already.

Why do we think it’s coming sooner?

 Season 5 of Selling Sunset will also be a 10-episode show and the latest hints suggest it can be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

Selling Sunset Season 5 - Why do we think it’s coming sooner
Selling Sunset Season 5 – Why do we think it’s coming sooner

In the Instagram post, Mary told her 1.7 million followers how much she is excited and waiting for the launch of the new season. She wrote, “Impatiently counting down the days till we get season five of Selling Sunset”. She even added, “We are ready for it!!!”.

While this post from Mary Fitzgerald took social media by storm, fans came pouring in with comments and questions. 

 “When?! We need it!!” – That’s the comment from one of her fans on Instagram while another comment from @nataliesym20 read “Sooner than we thought maybe??”.

Why Do We Think It’s Coming Sooner?

 The shooting of the Season 5 of Selling Sunset has already begun in 2021 but Netflix is yet to disclose any official date of the release. 

 In the next season, fans can anticipate a lot of drama and excitement, making the wait even more enticing than ever. Christine Quinn mentioned how numerous things must be resolved in the new and upcoming episodes of Season 5.

 Towards the end of Season 4, Christine and Mary were seen having a huge row. It hinted at a tiff between the former best friends and the season ended with an unpleasant relationship between the two.

 However, Christine did mention “Next season, I think that it’ll get a little more into my personal life and some of the real estates I do in season 5 is also some of my biggest listings to date.”

 She even added “As far as the drama element, of course, that is there

 A lot of unanswered and secret questions will be answered in Season 5 for sure. The secret romance between Chrishell Stause and boss Jason Oppenheim will be revealed to the fans who stayed under the radar for the whole of season 4. But the relationship didn’t last more than a few months and maybe, the viewers may get to know the reasons as well.

 Although the couple has parted, the praise and appreciation for each other never went away. Chrishell once said, “Other than our ideas for a family ultimately not being aligned, the amount of respect and love we have for each other will not change going forward”.

Season 5 of Selling Sunset is expected to be more exciting than ever and this latest update from Mary Fitzgerald is amazing news for the fans of the show

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