Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238 Release Date: Is It Officially Confirmed?

About the Tokyo Revengers Series

The renowned and popular Japanese series of manga named Tokyo Revengers is written and illustrated by the author and illustrator, Ken Wakui.

Since March 1, 2017, it got started publishing in the Weekly Shonen Magazine of Kodansha, and Kodansha has kept the entire series in tankobon volumes.

In May 2021, it was declared that the series had almost reached its end. In Japan, on the date of July 2021, an action film adaptation of this series was broadcast. 

Till December 17, 2021, around twenty-five volumes have been published. Furthermore, in June 2020, it was told that the Tokyo Revengers would get an anime drama series adaptation.

The series also got a stage play adaptation, which was held from August 6, 2021, to August 22, 2021, in Kanagawa, Tokyo, and Osaka. The stage play was directed by Naohiro Ise. 

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The Background Concept of the Tokyo Revengers Series

The entire series is based on several arcs. Each arc has its storyline further. The arcs are namely Moebius arc, Valhalla arc, Black Dragons arc, Christmas Showdown, Tenjiku arc, and the final arc. 

Current Story Track

In the current storyline, the fight between the three idols has come to an end. During the fight, one of the lead characters of the story named Draken had died. On the other hand, Mikey beats Takemichi very badly in his aggression.

Takemichi had to get admitted to the hospital, and after recovering, he decided to form his group with the name Thousand Winters. Takemichi aims to train his group members efficiently so that they can defeat Mikey. 

Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers

When Is Chapter 238 of the Tokyo Revengers Series Releasing?

Chapter 238 of the Tokyo Revengers series is most probably released either on January 18, 2022, or on January 19, 2022, depending on your area.

While many other series of manga are going on a break of New Year, there have been no such reports according to which Tokyo Revengers series is also going on a break. Hence there would not be any delays in the release of the upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers. 

Where can you find Chapter 238 of Tokyo Revengers?

The international readers and fans can buy the volumes of the series from the official website of Kodansha, and for the residents of Japan, it is very simple, they just have to buy the Weekly Shonen Magazine of Kodansha each week to read the upcoming and new chapters as they would be published in the magazine. 

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Recap of Chapter 237 of the Tokyo Revengers Series

In chapter 237, two new members, namely Hakkai and Chifuyu, joined the team of Takemichi, but they were not satisfied with the cat, which was printed in the middle of their team uniform.

Later that moment, one more person named Inupi decides to become part of Takemichi’s team. When the war ended, later that night, Koko appreciated Inupi for joining Thousand Winters, the group of Takemichi, and for following the right person. But just like others, Inupi also dislikes the cat-themed group uniform. 

It seems like the new additions in Takemichi’s team would bring out a spectacular and thrilling chapter ahead, and the wait of many Tokyo Revengers fans would get over soon as chapter 238 would be released with some more interesting twists and turns. 


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