Uncharted 5 Release Date: Ps4, Ps5, Xbox, Pc, Switch

If the new Uncharted game is under development at Naughty Dog, and taking into consideration the popularity the franchise has, will it also be a cross-gen launch on PS4 similar to God of War: Ragnarok? Now that Sony is occupied in launching its exclusive games on the platform, Will there also be an Uncharted 5 PC launch? 

Here’s everything we know so far regarding the release of Uncharted 5, along with any update about release dates on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

When Will Uncharted 5 Be Kicked Off on Ps5 and Ps4?

As far as we know, Uncharted 5 will potentially not be launched on PS5 until late 2023 or 2024.

There was a gap of 3 years between the launch of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Naughty Dog’s latest game The Last of Us Part II, which rolled out in 2020, so it’s feasible that Uncharted 5 could be released next year.

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If it would be so, it will probably be confirmed sometime this year, although, both Sony and Naughty Dog tend to announce their games years before they release, so it’s potentially more to come out in 2024. Probably, it will not be released on PS4 at that time.

When Is the Release Date of Uncharted 5 PC?

If Uncharted 5 comes out on PC it will possibly happen 2-3 years following its release on PS5, so with this, it would not come out on PC before 2025-2026.

Uncharted 5
Uncharted 5

Earlier, this wouldn’t have occurred at all, but with the overwhelming welcome of the God of War franchise on Steam and the impending PC release of the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection, Sony is precisely all set to go on supporting the PC in a significant way.

Will There Be an Uncharted 5 Xbox or Switch Release?

There is very little probability for Uncharted 5 to come out on any Xbox or Nintendo consoles, despite the change in the attitude of Sony about the PC.

The PC is precisely not viewed by Sony as a contender in the console space but both Xbox and Nintendo are, so there will possibly never be an Uncharted release on those systems through PlayStation consoles are still earning Sony money.

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