Inventing Anna: Expected Release Date & Updates!

Bridgeton, produced by the Shonda-Rhimes, was a massive hit for Netflix. The series is expected to run at least for four seasons, with the second season premiering in 2022.

However, this drama series is not the only production by Shondaland we should be looking forward to. Inventing Anna, a dramatized version of real-life scammer woman Anna Delvey, is all set to hit our screens as Rhimes is going to work the magic of her pen.

Inventing Anna is a limited series that explores and takes us into the lives of the rich and famous.

It also shows the reality surrounding the obsession that can develop between a reporter and their subject story. It is drama, intriguing, piquing interest, and all you look for in a season.

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Here Are the Details of the Upcoming Series, Soon to Arrive on Netflix

The Release Date

Inventing Anna is going to premiere on February 11, 2022, which is the second Friday of February.

The Cast of Inventing Anna

Julia Garner, known for her role in Ozark, is going to be the lead actor playing Anna Delvey. She is a con-woman living under the disguise of a German heiress. She started her scams as early as in her 20s when she used to pickpockets of her peers.

The public is literally confused, whether she is magnificent at what she does or she really is just conniving. Nevertheless, everyone is obsessed with her story; she has left a mark on everyone who ever trusted her.

The role of the reporter Vivian is going to be played by Anna Chlumsky. Her career is on the verge of downfall, and she needs one right story that hits the audience in just the right place.

With the story of Anna Delvey circulating, Vivian thinks it is her opportunity, and she is willing to cease it at any cost. But as she gets closer and learns more about Anna Delvey, she becomes increasingly attached to the Con-woman who made her way into the elite class of the society of New York City with her scams and cons.

Inventing Anna
Inventing Anna

Katie Lowes will be seen playing Rachel. She is a woman who had to rebuild herself into a whole new person after being broken and manipulated by Anna Delvey. She considers her relationship with Anna as the biggest regret of her life.

Although Anna did turn her into someone she would never have become; otherwise, Rachel would not be what she is today if it wasn’t for Anna. Whatever Anna did cost Rachel her job, credibility and nearly destroyed Rachel’s life.

Laverne Cox plays a celebrity trainer and life coach Kacy Duke. She is the one who manages to dodge the incoming chaos Anna created after almost falling for her plotting and plans. Kacy’s self-awareness and maturity save her and keep her grounded.

As Anna’s crimes start to unveil, these two traits will guide her and help others in her work as a coach.

Alexis Floyd will play Neff, a hotel concierge, but his actual dream is filmmaking. Being a New Yorker to the core, she knows the city and its people just as well as herself. She is loyal and passionate, only for those who genuinely deserve it. Initially, Anna made to the list of deserving people until Neff discovers her games. 

Anders Holm is going to play Vivian’s husband, Jack. Anna’s lawyer Todd is going to be played by Arian Moayed. He belongs to the working-class, and Anna’s case has given him that one chance he needed to earn the respect of his colleagues and peers.

Anna Deavere Smith plays Maud. She is habitual of being the only woman in the room in her field, irritated by always getting sidelined by the boys who are too young to recall all her contributions to journalism. 

Lou, the unofficial king of Scriberia – a group of old writers is played by Jeff Perry. The magazine has put them out to a pasture but can’t fire them because of their names’ importance and fame.

Terry Kinney will be seen playing a war correspondent named Barry. He voluntarily puts himself out to pasture in Scriberia as there is no war to cover and he is determined not to use his pen for pop culture.

Jennifer Esposito plays Talia Mallay. She is a lifestyle brand owner with an exceedingly well social game. This skill is what has made her so famous.

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Inventing Anna Synopsis of the Plot

A journalist with a lot of potential investigates Anna Delvey’s case, who is a famous German heiress known to steal the hearts and spotlight in the social scene of New York.

However, the question is; is she really the biggest scammer of all time or just a new picture of the American dream? Anna and our reporter form a love-hate relationship while Anna waits for her trial. The reporter tries to answer the biggest question on everyone’s mind; Who really is Anna Delvey?

So don’t forget to log into your Netflix accounts on February 11 to stream the episodes of Anna Delvey and find out the answer.


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