Selling Sunset season 5 Release Date: Is it Officially Confirmed?

If you’re looking for extra drama outside your life, just keep reading. We have a top-notch entertainment feature tailored just for you.

After thoroughly struggling to find ourselves something perfect for binge-watch sessions, we’re convinced there’s nothing that gets more exciting and dramatic than reality shows.

Despite cringing at the stupid fights and ever-evolving drama let’s just agree we all are guilty of delving into reality shows regardless of how petty they get. Reality TV makes up the perfect entertainment dose, be it keeping up with the Kardashians.

Honestly, I still can’t fathom how quickly I was completely addicted to the series and lame drama but that’s what happens nonetheless. 

What Do We Know About the Sunset Season 5?

Anyway, we have exciting news for your reality tv compulsions! Selling Sunset, the ever-popular Netflix reality tv series will be renewed for a fifth season very soon. The last season, that is Season 4, was released on Netflix in November 2021.

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Fans are rejoicing at the probable chance of having their favorite series on Netflix renewed in just a few months of the last season.

Mostly the series takes a long time to get renewed and the pandemic had affected many operations which led to more delays in the past but this time things have taken a different turn.

With everyone learning to live with the virus, proper adjustments have been executed. 

Selling Sunset perfectly captures the viewer’s attention with extravagant mansions, fashion, fights, and a whole lot of never-ending drama.

The real estate agents at Los Angeles’s The Oppenheim Group are seen in their raw element living the elite lifestyle as they manoeuvre through their friendships with an onset of dreamy houses,  albeit unaffordable for most of us. It’s an absolute treat to see these glamorous women own the screen. 

Has an Official Release Date Been Announced Yet?

The next season does not have an official release date as of yet but we are hopeful the reality show will be gracing our screens very soon as hinted by Mary Fitzgerald.

She exclaimed her excitement for the fifth installment of the show by captioning her white power suit picture on Instagram saying she is counting days for the release of Selling Sunset season 5 and everyone is ready to welcome the next season. 

Selling Sunset season 5
Selling Sunset season 5

What Can We Expect in Sunset Season 5?

Previous best friends, Mary and Christine, were caught up in a brawl at the end of season 4, and tensions between the two will likely be 

very apparent in the next season. In a direct interview with Christine Quinn – season four’s most controversial character, she revealed some interesting insights into season 5.

Affirming her role in the next season, she assured the series will involve a lot of drama and the real estate will also take a major share which she is perpetually excited for the most.

Christine shared her apprehensions by mentioning how the season is not her personal favorite and many parts make her anxious but she’s hopeful the season 4 cliffhangers will be resolved in Selling Sunset season 5.

A very cheeky romantic element is also in store for the audience. The secret romance of Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenhaim will be openly explored in Selling Sunset Season 5.

The couple has parted ways in real life due to some unresolved differences but still have mutual love and respect for each other that they will be carrying forward always. 

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The Probable Cast of the Fifth Season

Since both seasons 4 and 5 were short in close time intervals the cast is most likely to be the same. Most of the major cast members including Jason and his brother, Mary and her husband, Christine, and Chrishell among others will be returning along with some newcomers for the next season. 

What About the Trailer?

No trailer has been released and judging from the past trend we can expect a trailer just weeks before season 5 comes out. All in all, Sunset Season 5 will make one hell of an unforgettable journey. I can not wait for its release. Can you?


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