Shadow Warrior 3 Release Date, Gaming Platform & Rumors – Is the Wait Finally Over?

Shadow Warrior is a fast-paced action-filled combat game that has been hugely successful in the gaming world. The Shadow Warrior franchise has earned a good reputation among players who like to live on the edge and master combat skills.

The previous two seasons, that is Shadow Warrior 1 and Shadow Warrior 2 have impressed the fans with their superior quality of graphics and gameplay and with the latest release, the developers are looking to live up to the expectation of the fans of Shadow Warrior.

Shadow Warrior 3 Release Date

Flying Wild Hog’s newest addition Shadow Warrior 3 is one of the most anticipated games of 2022 and with the latest leaks online, fans cannot contain the excitement anymore.

It has been almost six years since Shadow Warrior 2 came out in 2016 and looking at the listings on Xbox and PlayStation Stores, we can expect the new edition to be launched on March 1, 2022.

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It’s just not the launch that is creating all the buzz in the gaming community, fans who will pre-order the Shadow Warrior 3 are in for a treat as they are going to get a bundle of benefits.

The developers Flying Wild Hog are going to treat the fans with a Limited-Edition Katana Skin, and full versions of Shadow Warrior 1 and Shadow Warrior 2 when they pre-order the Shadow Warrior 3.

Although there is no official news surrounding the release date for Shadow Warrior 3, u/Awkward96 posted a leak that suggests the game will apparently hit the stores on the 1st of March 2022. 

This leak looks more evident and accurate because Shadow Warrior 3 is already available for pre-order on the Xbox Store. It’s quite unlikely that this is going to be just a placeholder for the actual release date of the game.

Shadow Warrior 3
Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 Plot

Shadow Warrior franchise is created by the Polish developers Flying Wild Hog and with the 3rd edition of this action-filled game, they are going to take matters to the next level.

In the previous editions we have seen how Lo Wang, the fallen corporate shogun, and Orochi Zilla, the employer turned nemesis come together on a mission to find and capture the ancient dragon back to the eternal prison.

Lo Wang is out on the mission to capture the dark beast in order to ensure the world doesn’t encounter an apocalypse.

Previously he had to release the dragon against his will from the eternal prison and now he and Orochi must travel on the unchartered territories of the world to recapture the beast.

In order to avoid and overturn the apocalypse, they will have to get hold of a mask of a dead god, a dragon’s egg, firepower, and a touch of magic.

Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay

The game as expected is going to be fast-paced and swift. A combination of firepower and katana strikes can only hold off the beast.

With exciting gameplay to offer, there will be new moves like air dashes, wall running, double jumps, and upgraded grappling hook busts for you to master and enjoy.

In addition to that, there will be new finishing moves and combat skills to learn at every step of the game. The surrounding environment will be new too. There will be interactive structures and devices which can be combined to unlock new levels of fighting strategies.

The Shadow Warrior 3 also introduces the demonic Yokai from Japanese folklore which adds more excitement for the fans.

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A tweet from the official Twitter account of Shadow Warrior made a mocking remark at the claim of Dying Light 2: Stay Human and said it would take 500 hours to complete Shadow Warrior 3, that is as long as fans played it 60 times.

This means, in order to complete Shadow Warrior 3, one would need 8 hours of actual gameplay. 

About the prices, both Xbox and PlayStation listings indicate a retail price of $49.99 which includes all the three editions of Shadow Warrior along with in-game bonuses.

Steam on the other hand is yet to release its price point. Looking at the prices, one can say Shadow Warrior offers the best bundle of over-the-top first-person shooter series out there.


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