World of Warcraft Xbox Release Date: Will Wow Come to Xbox Game Pass?

With Microsoft’s forthcoming acquisition of Activision Blizzard, fans are curious if the release date of World of Warcraft Xbox is in the pipeline. Taking into consideration the MMO’s declining popularity as of late, WoW on Xbox Game Pass would prove to be sensible.

This is particularly true considering how popular Final Fantasy 14 has received after the launch of Endwalker.

Will World of Warcraft Roll Out on Xbox Game Pass and Consoles?

Microsoft has not mentioned any of its plans for Activision Blizzard. We can presume that there will be certain changes, and considering WoW a console launch might be amongst them.

There aren’t many console MMOs, and releasing WoW on Xbox would broaden its possible audience. Although, programming a console-based frame and controls wouldn’t be an easy task.

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Even though Microsoft releases WoW on Xbox Game Pass, what would its profit model be? As of now, Blizzard charges a monthly subscription for the game, which would somehow void the objective of dumping it on Game Pass.

It can be seen that Microsoft let their users play through the base game and first expansion for free of charge, then ask for a subscription for content past that.

World of Warcraft Xbox
World of Warcraft Xbox

As an alternative, World of Warcraft could go the free-to-play way. That would enrage many of the current fanbases and might fall through on Microsoft. That’s why we believe it will be a few years before we see any alterations to the way World of Warcraft runs.

Microsoft is going to seek to recover some of the huge sums of money it paid for Activision Blizzard and rolling the boat of Blizzard’s largest moneymaker wouldn’t be a good start at all.

We believe Microsoft might provide the base game and expansions to owners of Game Pass, but we are skeptical of any changes that will be brought there beyond that. An Xbox edition of the game is more likely, and we wouldn’t be shocked to see that developed in a coming couple of years.

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