Jared Leto’s Wecrashed Show Trailer Reveals March Release Date

The trailer for the new drama of Apple TV+ WeCrashed starring Jared Leto has announced a release date in March. WeCrashed revolves around the real-life story of the rise and fall of WeWork, a workplace startup website founded by tech-boss Adam Neumann.

WeWork climbed to financial success for more than ten years and was at times as encouraging as other top social networks and worksites, but ultimately dealt with chaos, leading to Neumann being released as CEO for an accusation of inappropriate behavior.

The true story of the couple at the center of the scandal will kick off to Apple TV+ as a dramatic miniseries, which is adapted from a recent successful podcast by Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crevello.

Oscar-winning stars Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway will play the role of the leading cast as the husband-and-wife duo the Neumanns, with Leto to portray the disruptive, power-driven CEO.

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The series is written by Eisenberg and Crevello and also serves as showrunners, though John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (known for This Is Us, Crazy Stupid Love) will be directing the eight episodes of the series.

Leto brings a factor of true star power to the drama after his controversial but impressive performance in House of Gucci earlier this year.

Is There Any Trailer for Wecrashed?

A new trailer for the show has been rolled out by Apple TV+, announcing that the show will premiere on March 18. In a dramatic, story-driven trailer, viewers get the first glimpse of Leto and Hathaway in action.

Jared Leto’s WeCrashed
Jared Leto’s WeCrashed

The trailer depicts the meteoric rise of Neumann and the fictitious fall from grace, whilst also paying attention to the relationship between the tech boss and his wife.

Whilst featuring bits of the striking confrontations, growing tensions, and dialogue-driven drama, the trailer also shows that Leto will be embarking on accent-work again so that he can play the Israeli CEO.

After his recent over method acting, people will be excited to see what Leto does with a larger-than-life personality again. Here’s the link to the trailer below.

The series was confirmed in January last year, with Leto and Hathaway immediately included in the cast. It marked a comeback to Television for Leto, after 25 years of paying attention to his films and music.

First pictures for the Apple Original series were dropped in December, featuring the acting duo in the role as the close-but-disputed couple.

Now, after Leto’s amazing character in House of Gucci and the undergoing expectation for his superhero flick Morbius, audiences will be even more willing in the biopic performance of the actor for Apple TV+.

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When Is the Release Date of Wecrashed?

WeCrashed is set to be available for audiences to the Apple streaming platform after the recent successes gained by Apple TV+ with original films like Cherry starring Tom Holland.

Apple is undoubtedly getting star power and attracting some of the leading names in Hollywood to its underdog-side of the streaming wars.

With the release date set in March, it won’t be long before viewers finally are able to see the exciting and true story brought to life by Hathaway and Leto. WeCrashed is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on March 18.

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