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Split Gate Beta Season 1 Release Date Revealed With New Trailer

1047 Games has announced the release date of Splitgate Beta Season 1 with a brand-new trailer, and the forthcoming update may prove to be one of the game’s biggest yet! New functions are also on the way, so here’s the link to the trailer and more information on the first season.

Split gate Beta Season 1 is chock-full of new things: a group of new functions, forms, and improvements along with a custom map creator.

Along with this new update is an entirely redefined Foregone Destruction map, bringing the realm up to an excellent standard to which the complete game will evolve.

New item and weapon designs are also ready to make their way into Season 1’s release, by the side of a new 100 Level Battle Pass, new characters, banners, spray, and two completely new game modes: Evolution and One Flag Capture-the-Flag.

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Here Is a Few Additional Information on the Forthcoming Custom Map Creator

“Splitgate Beta Season 1’s introduction of a custom map creator allows players to create and play their maps, including the ability to co-create and share maps with friends.

Splitgate Beta Season 1

The map creator gives players the option to create and place objects, weapons, spawns, building blocks, portal walls, and more and also allows rotation and magnetic snapping between scenery to make placing objects easier.

Featuring fully customizable controller and mouse and keyboard support, the map creator can be accessed by all players.”

The first season of Splitgate Beta is set to launch this January 27 on PC, Xbox, and Playstation consoles.

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