Tyson’s Run: Release Date, Cast, and More

Good hearty family dramas strike chords of nostalgia and warmth in all of us. To watch this genre guarantees a relaxed and happy time with your loved ones.

Though this genre focuses on the core of families and their relationships, it may also reflect on conflicts within the household, sometimes addressing grave issues like incest or violence. 

With Tyson’s Run, the warmth oozes out as we relate to the storyline and end up rooting for the underdog. Of course, you must be wondering as to what the story is all about. So without further ado, let’s bring it on!

The Plot- What to Expect From the Movie

Tyson’s Run is a brilliantly woven story, with superb cinematography. It revolves around a 15-year-old Tyson, who suffers from autism. He is experiencing his firsts at a public school where he has been enrolled recently.

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Tyson also helps his father clean up after the football team, late in the afternoon.  It is during this time that Tyson meets Aklilu, a champion marathon runner. The two become fast friends.

Yet, the story becomes truly inspirational when Tyson decides to follow Aklilu’s lead to race in a marathon himself. Despite all the odds, the decision Tyson makes is an attempt to please his Dad and to win approval for himself.

Over the years, we have seen quite a few movies which center on disease syndromes like Disney’s “McFarland: the USA’ and ‘Wonder’.

These films celebrated the achievements hailing from people’s tremendous efforts, yet what Tyson’s Run offers is different from the rest. It showcases how sports can bring a positive impact on your personality besides your health.

Now, if a person having a syndrome like autism manages to overcome all odds to achieve their purpose, the impact the story has on us is inspirational. 

The Tagline for the movie is: “Overcoming the odds is as simple as taking the first step”.

When Will the Film Be Released?

It’s only a matter of time before the movie Tyson’s Run officially premieres in cinemas. Although it has been in the making since 2018, the film is now ready to be shown to the audience.

The advent of COVID-19 had slowed down the entire film industry but now that the entire world has adjusted to a new normal, films are finally back for screening. 

Tyson's Run
Tyson’s Run

On March 4th, 2022, Tyson’s Run will be screened all across the country in cinemas. For a cinema enthusiast, that’s great news! But what if you prefer watching movies nestled in your bed, enjoying the cozy warmth?

For streaming sites, and online purchases, the film will be made available later. The exact timeframe for the delay is not known, but you can easily guess if you are used to streaming movies online. According to us, a 30-45 day time window is most apparent.

There are 4 more films to be released on the same date, Batman, Lucy, Desi, and Fresh. It will be interesting to note how Tyson’s Run compares to those.

The Team Behind Tyson’s Run – Cast, Directors, and More

The companies behind this venture are Planet 9 Productions, Iconic Events, and Collide Distribution. The screenplay is written by Kim Bass. He is also the director of the film. In his own words, Kim Bass outlines why he wished to produce the film.

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“Tyson’s Run is a film I felt compelled to make,” said Bass. “We are using autism as a vehicle to explain that everyone is gifted, everyone is unique, and everyone has to be allowed to flourish and be the best person that he or she can be.”

Bass is an Emmy-nominated screenplay writer, known for his popular works ‘In Living Color’, ‘Sister, Sister’ and the Nickelodeon sitcom ‘Kenan & Kel’.

Looking at the cast, we find the following actors:

Major Dodson as “Tyler”

Amy Smart as “Eloise”  (Mirrors, Stargirl)

Barkhad Abdi as “Aklilu” (Oscar Nominee for Blade Runner 2049)

Layla Felder as “Shannon”

Rory Cochlane as “Bobby Hollerman” (Antlers)

Reno Wilson and more…


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