Hitman Trilogy Steam and Xbox Game Pass Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?

Looks like the gaming world is going to have a new induction this month one more time. As per the announcement of the studio on Thursday, the Hitman trilogy is going to release on XBOX and windows both as to its debut on the game pas library.

What Is the Hitman Trilogy? Where Will It Be Available?

The Hitman trilogy is the collection of all three games of the Hitman series. Hitman which was released in 2018 was followed by the next “The hitman 2” which showed up in 2018, and the last one the hitman 3 which appeared in 2021 will be part of the hitman trilogy.

This series of games was developed by IO Interactive developers and on the anniversary of Hitman 3 which is 20th January, they decided to launch all of these games as a single entity on multiple platforms which includes  PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Moreover, if you are looking for the pc version that Epic games have got you covered. The IO interactive developers signed a one-year contract with Epic games to stream the Hitman trilogy. Although this contract will be ending this month you can get the game on another platform known as steam.

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Since it has been officially announced by the developers of PlayStation that they will be releasing the PSVR which means PlayStation VR hence,  there are going to be a lot of games franchises that will be looking forward to it.

The IO interactive developers did the same; they have also announced that The hitman trilogy will be available in VR mode too.

To get an exclusively VR version of the game on PSVR the game’s version should not be less than pS4’s. For the PC players, they can go to Steam or Epic game to get a look at the VR world of Assassination trilogy.

What to Expect From the Hitman Trilogy?

Many different features are being included in the new version, especially the VR one. As per the advice of the developers, very heavy hardware can bear this game. As per the trailer video, there will be new features like aiming and throwing objects, flying, and much more.

Hitman Trilogy Steam
Hitman Trilogy Steam

For a better experience of these, a player might need a headset and two different controllers each for one hand. The hitman trilogy will also be seen with the new improved graphics. Particularly pc players will be getting the updated shadow and ray tracing technology in the new Assassination trilogy.

What’s New on the Way?

Along with the release of the Hitman trilogy on two new different platforms the developers announced one more thing regarding the release of their new mode of the game. On January 20 they announced that the Exclusive target mode will be released with a separate mode.

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This means in the next coming year we will be seeing two new games within the Exclusive Target mode. Exclusive target mode is most popular among fans right now and the developers are hoping to get a great response from the players over this new release.

The new thing which will be introduced is the availability of the Arcade mode permanently meanwhile exclusive targets will be available for a limited time. But in case you lost the game then you will not be able to play Arcade mode for the next 12 hours which somehow puts the time limit criteria in its previous place.

This new game will be available on January 20 at the price of $99.99 which will include the collection of all three games. For the downloadable content, you can buy them for $59.99 on a premium add-on bundle.


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