Kitz Season 2 Release Date Updates and More [Complete Info]

Kitz has been on Netflix for about a fortnight, and enthusiasts of the suspense thriller already have gotten through the 6 epis 1st volume and are expecting for the latest volume to arrive this year. Will there be a second volume of Kitz? We reveal all of it we truly understand regarding a possible sequel.

The 1st chapter ended on humongous suspense, so it was no great shock that fans are eagerly anticipating a Kitz chapter two.

Enthusiasts were on the verge of giving up at chapter one’s endgame, as well as they were abandoned along with a slew of unresolved issues. Fans require a resumption of the story, and they require it immediately.

Not to worry! Here’s what we understand so far regarding a possible 2nd chapter including official release notifications, cast information, a plot summary, and much more.

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How Many Volumes of Kitz Are There?

Kitz has only 01 volume, which is available to stream on Netflix. The 1st volume comprises of 06 occurrences generally ranging in length from forty-one to forty-five mins. 

Forecasts for the Worldwide Release of Kitz Volume Two

Keep in mind that the Netflix original show is still being refreshed. Nevertheless, our estimate for when volume two will be available for Streaming is in delayed 2022. The streaming company usually announces the latest volumes of its exhibits once a year.

Because volume one was released in Dec 2021, there is a decent possibility that volume two will be released in Dec 2022.

Whenever the telecast is reauthorized, we’ll have a proper insight about when a prospective 2nd volume might show up on Streaming services like Netflix which is the official broadcasting partner for the series.

Kitz season 2
Kitz season 2

Volume Two Cast of Kitz

If there is a volume two, we anticipate the majority of the entire characters to return.

Vanessa that is Valerie Huber, the most loved character of the series, will most probably not appear in the 2nd volume because she died in the 1st volume. Vanessa might, however, appear in dream sequences.

The following actors are supposed to appear in volume two:-

Lisi Madlmeyer is played by Sofie Eifertinger.

Bless Amanda in the role of Dominik Reid.

Kosh Ziervogel is played by Zoran Pingel.

Hans Gassner is played by Ben Felipe.

Underpinning protagonists from volume one are expected to come back, and new actors may be introduced in the upcoming volume.

Plot Summary for Kitz Volume Two

We may not have an authorized summary, however, we have a clue of what might occur in volume two.

Volume one concludes along with Lisi discovering that Vanessa is not to blame for her sibling’s early demise. Rather, Lisa discovers that her unrequited love, Dominic, is really to chastise.

Volume two might see Lisi seek vengeance on Dominic, and there might be a new surprise for the protagonists to rectify. However, people can’t be sure what volume two would be regarding until Netflix refreshes the teenage drama as well as publishes the plot summary.

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The Number of Episodes in Kitz’s Volume Two

We anticipate that the prospective 2nd volume will have 06 episodes, similar to the 1st one.

Notwithstanding, there is a chance that the 2nd volume will only have 08 or ten occurrences. However, because the 1st volume’s story could be advised in 06 episodes, volume 02 is much more probable to have 06 occurrences as well.

Keep on watching Kitz on Streaming services to assist in making a volume two conceivable! Furthermore, keep an eye on Netflix Living for further Kitz volume two headlines as well as reportage.


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