LOL: Legends of the League Patch 12.2 and Zeri Expected Release Date and Time & Latest Update

The second update of League of Legends in the year 2022 is here!

League of Legends is all set to hit back with the second patch of the year 2022. It is going to bring forward the champion buffs and tweaks and nerfs and also add a couple of new skins and, of course, a new champion!

The new League of Legends 12.2 is nearly around the corner, so we have gathered all the updates you are excited about, its release date, patch notes, and new features and skins. If you want to be the one who unlocks Zeri and steps into the shoes of Summoner’s Rift, you will need the exact release date and time!

Earlier in the month, Riot games officially revealed the Legends of the League for 2022. It will include some significant changes to the Ranked mode and bring us new champions.

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Zeri is the very first newly introduced champion who enters the Summoner’s Rift in 2022. The kind of similarities she has with Valorant’s new Agent, Zeri, falls into the Marksman category, best known for her mobility in the Rift.

Legends of League 12.2 Release Time and Date

Legends of League 12.2 will be released on Thursday, January 20, 2022. Players should expect the update and maintenance to begin around 6 am EST. The servers will most probably come back online at 9 am EST. 

Legends of the League: Highlights of the Patch Notes

The newest patch of LOL is packed with buffs, nerfs, champions, exciting items, and much more to explore. Here are just a few of the highlights of the new update you will be seeing soon:

LOL Patch 12.2
LOL Patch 12.2

Champion Buffs and Nerfs: They Are Going to Have an Important Impact on Season 12 Right From the Beginning

  1. Nocturne: Health per level will be 85 to 95. Duskbringer (Q) Attack damage ratio is 75% to 85%.
  2. Volibear: The attack per damage will be 3 to 3.5, and Sky Splitter (E) Cooldown will be 15 to 13 seconds.
  3. Veigar: The Baleful Strike (Q) Cooldown is 7-5 to 6-4. And the stacks from large minions are 2 to 3.
  4. Qiyana: The grass zone duration is 3.5 to 3 seconds, and the Health regen is 7.5 to 6.
  5. Lulu: The Whimsy (W) Cooldown will be 16-12 seconds to 17-13 seconds.
  6. Zed: The Death Mark (R) Base damage will be 100% to 65% attack damage.

Janna Rework: With All the New Champion Buffs and Nerfs, the Longstanding Champion of the Game, Janna Is Going to Receive Significant Rework; “Storm’s Fly” Is Indeed Getting a New Meaning.

The changes are going to be across the board, most prominently to her spells: Howling Gale (Q), Monsoon (R), Eye of the Storm (E), and Zephyr (W).

New Skins

A total of 15 new skins are coming in the Legend of League 12.2 update, spanning three different themes. The Firecracker and Porcelain skins signify the Lunar Year, and the skins Crystal Rose and Withered Rose celebrate an annual festival in Runeterra.

The Firecracker Skins

With five new Firecracker skins, Sett, Teemo, Xin, Tristana, Diana, and Zhao will be seen in traditional Red and Gold outfits. Red symbolizes happiness and good fortune, and gold signifies wealth. The skins could be purchased in the shop at 1350 RP each.

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The Porcelain Skins

Ezreal, Amumu, Lissandra, Kindred, and Lux, five champions of an alternate universe, will be seen sporting porcelain-clad clothes in new skins. One of the skins is also Prestige, available for 100 Prestige points, and other skins could be purchased in the shop for 1350 RP each.

The Crystal Rose and Withered Rose Skins

Crystal Rose is set in a universe where champions attend the annual Crystal Rose Festival to form alliances and for the negotiation of truces. The champions Janna, Akshan, and Elise will join the fray in this year’s Crystal Rose event. They are also available to be purchased for 1350 RP each.

The New Champion Zeri – The Spark of Zaun

Zeri will bring the same energy of the vigilante protecting those in need and crises. Zeri is classified as an ADC in the game, having a unique Auto-attack. Her abilities and passive are as follows:

  1. Passive – Living battery:

Gaining speed after receiving a shield and absorbing the energy of the enemy’s shields after damaging it.

  1. Q – Bust Fire
  2. W – Ultrashock Laser
  3. E – Spark Surge
  4. R – Lightning Crash

So as a reminder, League of Legends 12.2 is going to arrive on January 20, 2022. The servers are expected to go down at around 6 am EST for three hours of maintenance. Then onwards, all the players will be able to enjoy all the new changes.

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