Persona 3 PC: Is It Returning? Renewed or Cancelled!

Persona has continued being a PlayStation exclusive for over a decade and finally, in 2020, fans of the Atlus RPG juggernaut series have got a Persona for PC. So, Persona PC is definitely leaving a mark.

2020 marked the first time when Atlus RPG released their first “surprise” with Persona 4 Golden.

In addition to that, Persona 5 Strikers was launched in 2021 and now fans are hopeful that the rest of the versions are also likely to make their own into the world of PC games. 

Persona 3 Release Updates

Since the release, fans have been anticipating the next release of Persona on PC. While there is no official news or statement hinting towards the release of Persona 3, fans and pundits are convinced Persona 3 is going to release on PC too.

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Persona 3 was the 4th release of the Persona series and it became an instant hit in the gaming community for its features and designs.

The look and feel of Persona 3 were different from the rest of the editions owing to the use of life simulation mechanics, first of its kind JRPG. 

The news of Persona 3 coming to PC hasn’t been finalized but Atlus conducted a consumer survey asking fans their opinions of a remake/remaster of Persona 3 for PC.

While the surveys do not guarantee a release of Persona 3, an interesting tweet from SabiiWabii garnered a lot of discussion in the gaming community. He tweeted about the release of Persona 4 and also highlighted Persona 3 is in the making too.

Persona 3 PC
Persona 3 PC

What’s the Story?

The storyline was self-contained much like the rest of the editions and players had to not only attend school on a daily basis but also simultaneously tackle the threats coming from Shadows.

Party members can utilize the inner psyche or Persona to tackle the threats on a regular basis. The summoning method used in Persona 3 was particularly interesting for the fans. Here party members had a cast that fires Evoker, a gun-like object at their heads. 

Persona 3’s story unfolds in a place called Iwatodai where the protagonist takes admission in Gekkoukan High School.

An unseen and unknown phenomenon occurs here called the Dark Hour. While most human beings do not have any idea about these ongoing events, the protagonist of the story becomes a part of a Shadow attack that takes place in the Dark Hour. It is when the inner Persona of our protagonist comes out.

As a player, you will be responsible for investing in the events of the Dark Hour while being part of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES).

Players will also have to dive deeper and find out the trust about Tartarus, which is the mysterious tower that comes up. Unlike the other editions, in Persona 3, there is no dungeon to explore. Every event takes in various levels of Tartarus and after every major fight, a different level opens up.

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The Gameplay

The combat and gameplay are intriguing in Persona 3. Players will engage in turn-based combat and only the protagonist of the story can be controlled by the player.

There are melee attacks assigned to each member and different Personas can also use specialized skills and support moves. As a player, one can issue tactical orders to control the action of the teammates.  

Tartarus has as many as a hundred Shadows with exclusive damage resistances and disadvantages. The standard EXP system used in Persona 3 cannot be shared with the different SEES members, so it’s recommended that you rotate and use them. 

Atlus hasn’t made any official announcement about the release of Persona 3 on PC but looking at the Persona 4 Golden release, it looks like Persona 3 is going to get enhanced port looks. Similar gameplay and design as Persona 4 can be expected with the release of Persona 3 if at all it comes out.


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