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$90,000 a Year as a Mail Carrier: What Is Kevin O’leary’s Reaction to This 29-year-old USPS Worker’s Earning

Jordan Myers has created a buzz in the United States and has got the attention of Kevin O’Leary who exclaimed “There’s no question that Jordan Myers is a hard worker.”

So, what’s the story? Jordan Myers who is working in the United States Postal Service (USPS) has earned around $90,000 in a year.

This 29-year-old man has impressed a lot of people with his latest feat and courtesy of Kevin O’Leary, his story was shared across MSN, CNBC, etc.

So How Did He Do It?

Jordan Myers lives in Tennessee and has been working for the USPS for quite some time now. Although his basic salary stands at around $41,000 a year, with his hard work and overtime he could raise over $90,000 a year.

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He works as a mail carrier and per day, he works about 12 to 13 hours constantly. Instead of five days a week, he works six days a week and makes sure to work four to five hours overtime every day, even more on the weekend. 

The work ethic especially has impressed the likes of Kevin O’Leary as he said “He’s delivering mail for 12 hours a day. This guy knows how to work hard”. His story was covered in one of the episodes of Millenial Money which came out in November 2021.

The majority of the days, Myers has worked overtime and walked up to 14 miles each day. His normal schedule would include delivering mails to up to 500 houses every day, despite the weather conditions outside.

O’Leary also added, “Jordan has a strong work ethic, and it’s important to have a work ethic because it’s a discipline and you work for a reason”.

“You need money to live. No one’s going to take care of you if you don’t take care of yourself”, O’Leary said.

Kevin O’Leary

What’s the Story?

The 2020 pandemic especially saw the most hectic work schedule of John Myers. Because of the pandemic outbreak in the United States, there were innumerable mails to deliver but very few carriers were available to work.

A previous interview explained how difficult it got during the period, “endless walking, around 20 miles a day.”

Myers even said how scary and difficult it got at times. He had to take care of so many packages which even included medicine packages and not enough mail carriers to take them.

O’Leary specifically appreciated this quality of Myers and said what an important work he did and how much it has helped the ones who were expecting these emergency packages. 

“There’s a lot of these unwritten stories about what the actual effect of the pandemic was, but he was there. He lived through it”, O’Leary said. 

Talking about his earnings and budget, the story has impressed a lot of people. While in October he earned $5778, he made sure to save at least $500 from it. In addition to that, he added $400 to his 401(k) and as much as $2000 in a taxable brokerage account.

All of these helped him have a saving of around $3000 in his savings account and up to $34,000 in investment any November.

Although much like the experts, O’Leary also recommends saving one-third of the total earnings, spending one-third for expenses and one-third for housing, Myers has saved almost half of what he has earned.

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“That’s smart. The more you put aside in the early years, the more you’re going to have in the later years, because you’re going to get the compounded growth of the markets over time.” O’Leary explained.

In addition to what Myers has done with his hard work, the efforts of his wife are equally commendable.

O’Leary explains how their bonding is an example of a successful marriage and how Myers is working his way towards his goal of becoming a millionaire. He awarded Myers 9.5 out of 10 for his efforts and feats. 

“He’s growing the wealth of his family successfully. He’s focused on it, but he’s happy too.”