Doomlands Animated Series: Is This Series Renewed or Cancelled?

Firsts are always memorable, and you can expect the best from the upcoming adult animated series as well. The Roku channel is going to release its debut adult animated series named Doomlands.

They have officially announced the release date and the first look of the series. Doomlands originally began as a university project in around 2015 by the Australian creator Josh O’Keefe.

After the Kickstarter campaign was successful and brought in profits by generating AU$ 11,758 (almost 8500 USD), Executive Producer Josh Bowen and his animation company ‘Look Mom! Productions decided to pick up the series.

In the beginning, the show received a series order from Quibi, which was short-lived, and just before the shutdown of service, their content library was sold to Roku, Inc.

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Doomlands Animated Series: Release Date

Doomlands is scheduled to exclusively premiere on January 28, 2022, in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., according to the announcement made by the Roku Channel. They have already released the first look photos in which Danny and Lhandi are seen behind the bar of the Oasis.

Many exciting and curiosity-provoking items are shown in the scenario, like a trophy, coconut, and the bust of an alien around. Different patrons are also seen, with a robot, a demon-looking something, and anthropomorphized individuals. 

Plot Insights and Animation Style

Bowen from Look Mom! Productions say that Doomlands is actually like ‘Mad Max’ meets ‘Cheers’ in the Mos Eisley Cantina. This is the concept that significantly attracted the production house to the series initially.

The project was almost entirely produced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Colin Davis, who is the Head of Original Scripted Programming at Roku, extended his support for O’Keefe.

He mentioned that Josh is undoubtedly on his way to becoming a household name in animation. Appreciating Doomlands, he said it is clever, laugh out loud hilarious, wild, and the characters are stunningly excellent, so it is a pleasure to be the home of this brilliant series.

According to Josh O’Kefee, the series is a homage to Ozploitation and Sci-Fi cinema. Ozploitation means the wave of exploitation films that were created after the country got introduced to the R rating back in 1971.

Doomlands Animated
Doomlands Animated

The most prominent inspiration seems to be Mad Max, which is evident right from the start. Doomlands is going to feature a similar post-apocalyptic setting and mutated denizens. 

The animation style and adult-centered content seem to follow the trend set by Rick & Morty and other mature animated series. This means Doomlands is just going to fit right and will be greeted warmly by the audience.

The plot is original but can appear to be nostalgic because of the various Australian influences; it can prove to be an attractive trait. 

The Cast of Doomlands

Mark Little will be seen as the infamous Danny Doom, and Kayla Lorette will play a bartender named Lhandi. These two run a mobile bar called The Oasis in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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They try and put in efforts to keep the business afloat while they have to face various hurdles like desert gangs, bathroom graffiti, and many other problems, while they also try not to kill each other. 

Josh O’Keefe is the writer of the series, along with Little, Lorette, Roger Brainbridge, and Brandon Hackett. Josh O’Keefe is running a one-person show in specific ways because, along with being the writer, he is also serving as the director and co-showrunner with Lee Porter. 

It is indeed going to be an interesting series. Save the date, January 28, 2022, and be ready to welcome the new show. As it is going to be the first-ever Adult Animated Show by Roku, we are bound to have high expectations.


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