Harley Quinn Season 3: Is It Returning? Renewed or Cancelled!

The DC Universe’s contemporary animated show, Harley Quinn,  had taken viewers by storm with its quirky animations exhibiting homage to Batman’s villains when it premiered with its first season.

The impeccable voice cast gives the series a much-needed kick which intensifies the fun element to a whole other degree. 

Harley Quinn First Season and Storyline:

The first season premiered in 2019 featuring Harley’s struggle in Arkham Asylum where she landed thanks to Joker’s sneaky act to manipulate Harley to evade their crimes and distract Batman.

Harley remained hopeful of Joker’s help but she waits for a year in vain and Joker never shows up. However, they are freed from Arkham with the help of Harley’s new savior, Poison Ivy.

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Ivy doesn’t just help Harley break out from Arkham but also works on persuading her to move on from Joker, albeit a long time goes into Harley getting convinced she finally leaves Joker for good.

As the season follows, Harley’s character flourishes into a brand new personality and she gathers her crew which includes Dr. Psycho, King shark, and Clayface. In the meantime, Ivy gets secretly involved with Kite Man. 

Why Are People More Inclined Towards the Series?

The series is also more explicitly portrayed which fans think allows the characters to be their authentic selves and is all the more entertaining to watch. Alan Tudyk revealed how it is rather natural to assume a snarky character like Joker would have a predominant cussing tendency.

What Makes the Two Seasons Special?

 A lot of special character appearances are featured in the animated series, some are seen in subtle scenes, others have a more regular presence.

A few appearances by Robin are also showcased in an episode where he reveals his distaste for Harley and calls himself her arch-nemesis. The second season introduced new exciting characters including Catwoman and Batgirl. 

Harley Quinn Season 3
Harley Quinn Season 3

Harley and Ivy Find Love:

The pivotal focus of the second season is the new budding romance between Harley and Poison Ivy as their friendship evolves into a fiery passionate love story.

Their queer relationship is a breath of fresh air and it’s set apart from the conventional coming out stories. Both of them have suffered toxic exes and parents and another painful trope would have been too heavy for them.

As the second season approaches its end, Ivy realizes her feelings for Harley are much greater and despite the love, she has for Kite Man they are not meant to be because her energy aligns with Harley in the most exquisite way.

Not going to lie, Kite Man is a personal favorite character of mine and it was sad to see him grief-stricken. 

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What Does Harley Quinn Season 3 Have in Store for Us?

We all just want to see Harley and Ivy exclaiming their feelings for each other after all. The DC Fandom 2021 revealed in the preview that Harley and Ivy will be spending some quality time together and exploring adventurous activities.

Although this was just a sneak peek, it’s very assuring to know these two will share ample screen time. The season might release in 2022 but no exact date has been finalized. It’s safe to say the stellar cast and perfectly humourous rendition is a never-failing entertainer.

The series touches on sensitive topics as it explores the characters and their good and bad sides. Everyone is a villain, after all, it’s just a matter of perspective and it’s true once we know the villain’s story the character seems quite relatable.

The two seasons have tailored the way for an incredible season 3. I’m sure the next season will leave us just as amazed if not more. Can’t wait! 


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