Time Magazine Commemorates Biden’s First Year in Office With a Bleak Cover Capturing the Rough Presidency [Complete Info]

On the first anniversary of the Biden administration in power, TIME Magazine dedicated its front cover to the President. A dark dismal cloud was depicted raining over the President sitting in the Oval Office.

What one can see on top of the Resolute Desk are 4 binders outlining the major problems faced by the President in his office; ‘Inflation’, ‘Putin’, ‘Black Lives Matter, ‘Voting Rights’, and ‘Trump 2024’.

At the back of the Office, cartons of COVID testing kits are shown which the Biden administration had claimed to deliver to each household in the US.

Turning the pages of the Magazine, one comes across the cover story titled ‘ How the Biden Administration lost its way’.

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It encompasses each aspect of the problems faced by the American people and their expectations toward President Biden. The story, written by Molly Ball and Brain Bennett began with a recap of the President’s tumultuous regime.

The correspondents for TIME Magazine wrote, “The fate of Biden’s social-spending and climate package is more uncertain than ever.

The pandemic he promised to bring to heel rages out of control. Inflation is at a four-decade high, canceling out rising wages. The border is a mess. Violent crime continues to climb. His approval rating has sunk to the low 40s”.

Inflation- Escalating to New Heights

One of the biggest burdens that an average American has to bear is, Inflation has been steadily increasing over the years. However, the pandemic pushed it to steeper heights, and now a worse situation is rampant all across the States.

The economic depression created by the virus strain threatens to get out of control due to poor COVID testing facilities and a blocked vaccine mandate. 

Throughout the pandemic, the US Government had taken the right steps to secure its low-income population group.

The American Rescue Plan was a good initiative that slashed poverty, yet it is an increase in the liabilities of the US Treasury which means that it contributes to the inflation pressure created on the US economy.

However, the major contributor is the uncertainty of the future. President Biden was about to announce the freedom of the USA from the pandemic before the Delta virus emerged to wreak havoc on the country.

TIME magazine
TIME magazine

What the Delta Vitus spared, was enveloped by the Omicron variant. With its fast rates of spreading, Omicron filled up hospitals.

Other vital segments of society are getting affected. Many industries are facing a shortage of workers as people are forced to quarantine themselves. Concerns are that unemployment might increase once again if such economic problems continue.

Inflation is high, with people disturbed over their loss of purchasing power. How they manage their assets is a concern. Many Americans blame Biden for not having resolved the inflation issue.

People have been demanding the forgiveness of student loans, yet that remains a mystery as to what means the President would employ to overcome the student debt issue. Now, if you couple that with rising inflation, it is no wonder that Americans are frustrated with the government. Approval polls of the President reveal precisely this resentment. 

Promises of the President- Action for Climate Change and Voting Rights

A large chunk of Biden’s domestic agenda is in jeopardy. Controlling Climate Change was what the President had campaigned for. For this, the Biden administration planned ambitiously to get a policy approved.

Yet, due to widespread concern in the House regarding the economic impact of the Climate Change Bill, the Biden administration was forced to submit to the will of representatives like Joe Manchin.

Of course, the wafer-thin majority of Democrats did not help at all. Republicans played an instrumental role in spreading propaganda against the bill. Although the COVID relief bills and the infrastructure bill, all part of Biden’s Build Back Better campaign, were passed with notes of both Republicans and Democrats.

Voting Rights Bill was also to be passed, yet it suffers a similar fate to that of the climate change issue. Issues like these were supposed to be addressed in a single social spending bill. However, the bill never got to see the daylight.

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All of this delay is making certain segments of society angry. President of NAACP, Derrick Johnson said in a statement that it was past TIME for the Biden administration to “match their words with actions”.

The youth of America is also gravely concerned about the steps taken to control climate change. If policies can’t be made, won’t the climate cause suffer?

Worldwide, climate activists were looking up to President Biden’s government taking the initiative, yet the administration seems to have failed in this regard. 

Shortcomings in the Foreign Affairs of the US

On the foreign front, Biden Administration has truly fumbled. On key issues like that of American withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Ukraine conflict, people seem to feel that the administration has not done enough.

Currently, there is no positive news in Washington regarding the Ukraine conflict. Russia might enter and compromise the independence of the Ukrainian people.

Russia alleges that NATO is extending its influence in Ukraine to counter the growing strength of Russia in the region. There have been no key breakthroughs in this regard which continues to worry the people.

More directly though, Americans were confused and shocked over how US troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan. The 13 service officers killed at Kabul Airport, just after US troops left the country were disturbing for many people.

Though most agree that it was about TIME that the US called back its forces from Afghanistan, many were upset as a general outlook of US defeat was created by the manner of withdrawal.

Other Challenges Faced

One other challenge that the Biden Administration is facing is the “big lie” that Republicans seem to support.

This stance, although proved wrong in the court, is continued to be backed by the Republicans, that Donald Trump was the legitimate candidate who had won in the 2020 elections.

Claims of Democrats rigging the 2020 elections were made by the former president Trump,  which later caused events like the Jan. 6th riots to occur. Democrats have to counter the rhetoric effectively, yet President Biden is losing support even within his party.

It will be interesting to note how the Democratic Party fares in the midterm elections due this November.

Approval Polls

A Gallup Poll released this Monday, recorded a decrease of the Democrat advantage, which changed from nine points to five points in favor of the Republicans.

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Ball and Bennet described the reduced popularity of President Biden among the voters in this way: “The President’s approval rating, historically an indicator of how his party will perform in November, is the worst at this stage of any modern presidency besides Trump’s”, they wrote.

“Voters hoped Biden would provide a sense of calm and steady leadership. But the reason he hasn’t been more visibly in charge is as much of an open secret as it is a taboo subject in Washington.”

Ball and Bennet went on to describe that the major reason why people are losing their faith in Biden is his lack of control over matters. According to TIME Magazine correspondents, the reason for this lapse in administration is due to the age of 72-year-old President Biden. 

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