Titans Season 4: Release date, Cast & Know More

Titans are returning for a fourth season filled with action, and it will be available on Netflix worldwide by the end of 2022, provided Netflix doesn’t lose the international rights to the show.

Season 4 will premiere shortly after the series concludes on HBO Max. Here’s all you need to know about Titans on Netflix, including when season 4 is set to premiere.

The Show’s Release on HBO Max

Titans, which is based on the Teen Titans IP from the DC IP, was the first broadcast on DC Universe, but HBO Max has since taken over the reigns. Several well-known DC characters and villains have appeared in and out of the show.

Scarecrow and Oracle were prominent characters in Season 3. Titans’ international rights were acquired by Netflix beginning with season 1 for those who are unaware. Doom Patrol, its sibling show, was sold internationally to Prime Video.

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The Filming and The Release

Titans season 4 will begin filming at the end of February and will last approximately four months, ending in July. The show’s third season was shot between October 2020 and June of last year. The show’s transmission, on the other hand, began in August.

Season 4 of the show is expected to premiere in the fall of 2022. However, the dates are contingent on the filming continuing smoothly and being unaffected by any external factors such as the pandemic.

The show premiered in October for the first season, September for the second, and August for the third. None of the three seasons debuted in the same month, but they were all released near the end of the year. Season 4 is expected or most likely to premiere in September or October.

Before being broadcast on Netflix, the series will premiere on HBO Max. However, there is no specific date for its release.

Given the tight turnaround we’ve seen from DC exhibitions, we expect a similar timeline in 2022. As a result, we can anticipate episodes premiering in late Summer 2022 and wrapping up later that year.

Titans Season 4
Titans Season 4

Cast and Story

There is no clue what the fourth season of The Titans will bring with it so far. In the previous season, the gang had defeated The Scarecrow and returned to San Francisco from Gotham.

Curran Walters’ character Jason Todd or the Red Hood and Kimberly Sue Murray’s Lady Vic are still on the run while Conor Leslie’s Donna Troy has started to work for ARGUS. We are excited to see Jay Lycurgo join the squad as his character Tim Drake takes over as Robin. It is, however, all guesses and stories. 

Netflix and the Fight for International Rights

Before we get too excited about the prospect of seeing Titans on Netflix, it’s worth mentioning that Warner Brothers may choose to recapture the worldwide rights, similar to how Viacom reclaimed the global rights to the popular show Star Trek: Discovery, and at a significant expense. While WB has never done so previously, they may do so for HBO Max’s growth.  

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When Will the Season 4 of Titans Be Available on Netflix?

The show is released on Netflix when it has been concluded on HBO Max. Netflix does not have episodes every week. In prior years, the finale was released months before the show was available on Netflix.

We may expect the latest season of Titans to be added to Netflix internationally near the end of 2022, assuming the show airs on the timeline mentioned above. Despite WB’s recent efforts to favor its platforms, several DC shows are still heading to Netflix due to its international recognition.

Netflix or HBO Max, fans are looking forward to the show’s release and we all have our dates marked already. 


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