Fortnite’ Green Goblin Item Shop Update: Bundle Contents, Price and Release Date [Latest Update]

The Green Goblin will soon be available in Fortnite as part of a larger cosmetic bundle in the Item Shop.

Norman Osborn’s infamous alter ego will soon join the battle royale shooter alongside his long-time foe Spider-Man (who was added at the start of Chapter 3).

Reputable data miners like @HYPEX and @ShiinaBR uncovered this by digging behind the scenes at the game’s Application Programming Interface (API) to see what future patches may bring.

These accounts have previously provided reliable information about critical Fortnite updates, such as the recent release of Klombo dinosaurs and the new Tilted Towers version.

They’re known for previewing new Item Shop features well before Epic Games makes an official announcement, not alone for leaking forthcoming gameplay mechanics and map modifications.

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What Does the Green Goblin ‘Fortnite’ Bundle Include?

The contents of the Green Goblin Fortnite package have been fully leaked online.

The suit, which is the main attraction, resembles а silver-аge version of the comic-book villain rather than any big-screen portrayals. He’s dressed in a traditional purple shаwl with elf eаrs and a rictus grin on his face.

A bаck bling that looks like an аctive pumpkin bomb, an emote that depicts you аrming the explosive device, а loading screen, а unique harvesting tool, and, of course, the goblin glider for when you need to make а dramatic entrаnce to а match will all be included in the bundle.

To summarise, the Green Goblin bundle will feature the following items when it launches:

Green Goblin (Outfit)

Pumpkin Bomb (Back Bling)

Arm the Pumpkin! (Emote)

Attack of the Goblin (Loading Screen)

Pumpkin Pickaxe (Harvesting Tool)

Goblin Glider (Glider)


The Release Date and Cost

While Epic Games hasn’t confirmed a release date for the Green Goblin package, we know that he was hidden in the game’s code as part of the v19.10 patch (which is how the data miners discovered him).

Given that the Hawkeye, as mentioned above, bundles have already been added to the Item Shop, the Green Goblin shouldn’t be far behind. According to leakers, it is expected to happen within the next week; otherwise, it would have been added in a later patch).

The cost of the outfit will most likely be 1,500 V-bucks. By default, new Fortnite skins cost that much (this was the case with Bloodsport, Boba Fett, Jinx, and Naruto, for instance).

In the meantime, the larger bundle, which contains the Green Goblin outfit as well as all of the other cosmetic items, will cost around 2,500 V-bucks. This is, once again, the typical pricing system.

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To put things in perspective, 1,500 V-bucks is around $10, whereas 2,500 V-bucks is about $18. However, converting V-bucks to dollars is complicated because this in-game currency can only be purchased in predetermined increments of 1,000, 2,800, 5,000, or 13,500.

Green Goblin Will Be Present in Fortnite for How Long?

We don’t know how long the Green Goblin skin will be available in the Fortnite in-game shop, but if you want to get your hands on the latest Marvel item, don’t wait. While some crossover skins are only available for a few days, there is a slew of Fortnite crossover skins on the way, so get the Green Goblin before Vi and Jinx of LOL Arcane take his place.


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