Kingdom Hearts Switch Cloud Release Date: Out or Not?

Square Enix just announced that Kingdom Hearts is all set to come out on the Nintendo Switch next month. The games will be cloud-based and can either be purchased in one big bundle priced at $90 or separately.

At the time of writing this piece, as of now, Nintendo has their bundle pre-order price taken down to $72. Keeping that in mind, this might be the most appropriate time to get your hands on it.

For people who don’t have much knowledge about the series and only sought to check it out, demonstrations for all three titles are now available.

Coming to individual purchase costs, the two-pack that comprises Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX will be priced at $40. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is fixed for $50, and Kingdom Hearts III with the “Re Mind” DLC will also be priced at $50.

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All of these games will be available in HD since they are PlayStation 2 updated editions, but the largest key point of the declaration is that they will be cloud-based; this indicates that they are just available to play by streaming.

This is not required to say that this gathered many mixed responses from fans, since some opt for a different port to the Switch or have problems streaming games because of bad internet connectivity.

Earlier in an interview with Nintendo Life, Square Enix described their decision to create Kingdom Hearts cloud-based.

Ichiro Hazama, the Video game producer, said that the company sought to release this series to the Nintendo Switch as a result of high demand from fans, though “it proved difficult” due to the “storage capacity of the hardware” and other “various” reasons.

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

When Is the Release Date of Kingdom Hearts?

The game is set to come out to Nintendo Switch on February 10.

What Is the Plot of Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts is a fantasy action role-playing game and Square Enix has developed the game in partnership with The Walt Disney company.

The first part of the franchise was rolled out back in 2002 and revolves around the main lead, Sora since he sets off on a mission in search of his missing friends, Riku and Kairi, and also beat the Heartless with many Disney character companions.

Each part of the franchise contributes to the extremely complex legends of the world of Kingdom Hearts. It was received very well overall and goes on to have a loyal fanbase.

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It has gone much far beyond just video game media to print, trading cards, and even television. The franchise has won many awards over the years.

Kingdom Hearts made waves in the gaming sector last October when Sora was announced as the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter added to the roster. A decision that got many positive reactions from fans.

Finally, with the inclusion of the beloved Kingdom Hearts on PC earlier this year, and now on Nintendo Switch consoles, fans can excitingly revisit the games in many other ways than ever.


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