The Exorcist Remake: Release Date Status, Cast And More

The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty is not just violent but gut-wrenchingly disturbing, making it a prominent part of film history and pop culture. The film is based on a novel that goes by the same name.

The 1973 film received almost equal controversy and critical acclaim. It has indeed gathered an army of fans worshipping the polarizing film over the years. 

And quite recently now, after five decades since the original movie shocked the audience with its terrifying imagery and not to mention exemplary performances, David Gordon Green is going back to the fiction horror story. 

We have gathered all the information you want on the remake of The Exorcist by Green.

What Happened in the Original Exorcist Story?

The story is of a little girl Regan (played by Linda Blair), displaying disturbing behavior, typically not of a child her age, like urinating on the floor in front of people and using foul vocabulary.

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Doctor visits yield no success, and after the highly famous ‘arteriogram scene’ which made the audience visibly physically sick, Regan’s mother, Chris MacNeil (played by Ellen Burstyn), asks for help from Jesuit Priests at the nearby Georgetown University.

Regan is now beyond just ruining dinner parties, and her mother suspects she might be responsible for the death of an old family friend. 

The wise Father Merrin (played by Max Von Sydow) and the troubled Father Karras (Played by Jason Miller) answer the call for help and visit the MacNeil household. They perform an exorcism on Regan.

That scene left the audience shaken and disturbed to the point that some had to seek help from hospitals or church groups. This is why many communities did not want to show the film in their theatres. 

The Exorcist Remake
The Exorcist Remake

The Exorcist Curse

The film’s entire production was reportedly cursed as many unfortunate and strange events happened during the filmmaking. The whole set burned down to ashes in one night, crew members and cast members were injured or even died.

Eventually, spiritual cleansing was arranged for the set. Well, the original Exorcist movie won an Oscar for the best adapted Screenplay, so all the unfortunate accidents eventually were compensated for. 

What Is the Release Date of the Remake of the Exorcist?

The latest upcoming adaptation of The Exorcist is going to be a trilogy. The first film is scheduled to release in theatres on October 13, 2023.

The first film is still at the beginning of development, so there can be no guesses made about the release of the second and third films. Trilogy is part of a deal with Universal, so the next two movies may stream directly on the streaming service of Universal named Peacock. 

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Who Is in the Cast?

Ellen Burstyn will reclaim her original role as Chris MacNeil, a Hollywood celebrity and mother of the possessed child Regan MacNeil. Leslie Odom Jr. is added to the cast as the father of another possessed child, and he seeks Chris MacNeil’s help.

It is not yet clear if the characters of Regan, Father Merrin, and Karras will be brought back to the storyline. Priests are highly unlikely to return as the actors who played the characters have passed away.

We are yet to find out whether the famous peas soup would return for its role as demon vomit.

What Will “The Exorcist” Remake Be About?

The director Green is planning to continue the original story and not remake it. Leslie Odom Jr. will be seen desperate for help, and he tracks down Burstyn’s character, who has had the experience of the possessed child.

With the cast and a whole team devoted to making this project a success, the audience can officially express their excitement. Indeed, the new trilogy will be a refreshing take on the story and will do justice to the original film, keeping its essence. 

Check out theatres next year in October for the horror and stomach-churning experience of the remake, definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

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