Red Dead Redemption 3 Has Chances To Be Out Or Not? Know Here!

There would be hardly anyone who would deny the success of red dead redemption 2. Its last generation was released on pc ps4 and Xbox one. Not only did it reach the lofty heights like rockstar’s other big game, grand theft auto 5, but also this latest adventure in the wild west saw 38 million sales.

This makes it quite clear why fans are eager to learn if a sequel’s on the way. While some rumblings from the franchise’s future have been heard, nothing’s been confirmed yet. 

Is the Red Dead Redemption 3 Real? When Will It Be Released?

The game red dead redemption was undeniably a masterpiece when rockstar, the developer of the game, released red dead redemption 2 last 2018. It was widely praised constructively by players worldwide and instantly became one of the most played and loved adventure games.

Now, players are thinking about when they will have the next edition of red dead redemption 3. In the year 2018, the director of the game and the co-founder of rockstar games, dan Hauser, said in an interview with the vulture that they might think of potentially releasing red dead redemption 3 if the second edition will be sold well.

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They also mentioned that the company is focusing on creating the red dead online, and seeing that it was realized not later, then we can only assume that the door for red dead redemption 3 is now unlocked.

On the gaming horizon, there are a lot of rumors and leaks about the red dead redemption 3 on Twitter and Reddit. These leaks revealed the release date and system requirements.

Rockstar Games have always reached the high expectations of the fans, whether it is a GTA game or the RDR, so it would be fascinating to see whether the red dead redemption 3 satisfies the requirements of the fans or not.

The developers are working on many upcoming big projects, including GTA 6 and GTA 7. These are considered to be the major projects for the time being. And when it comes to the release date of red dead redemption 3 then there is no information about that as of now.

Also, in the meantime, there is some bad news from rockstar games for red dead redemption fans. According to the internal leak, GTA 6 has been given priority over the red dead redemption 3 release.

So it may take a few more years to see red dead redemption 3 released on different gaming platforms. A senior developer from rockstar games stated that they don’t have any pressure to release RDR 3; however, they have a lot of pressure for the GTA 6, so they are currently only focusing on the GTA 6 release.

Red Dead Redemption 3
Red Dead Redemption 3

He also added that later their priority is to release rgr3 as soon as possible after the GTA 6. Considering all of these facts still, there is nothing confirmed officially about the GTA 6, which is the most anticipated game ever from rockstar.

The launch date is expected to be from 2024 to 2025. If the red dead redemption 3 is reality, then we will not see it before the 2030s, as making a game is time-consuming. We can imagine the fact that GTA 6 is yet not released instead of eight years of GTA 5 being released. 

At What Platforms Red Dead Redemption 3 Will Be Available?

Red Dead Redemption won’t be exclusive to a specific platform, so it will be available on all platforms on which the rdr2 was released. These include ps4, Xbox One, and pc.

Note that the old console may not be able to run this heavy game, so there are high possibilities that RDR 3 will be released on the next-gen gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

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Rockstar games sold over three million copies of the red dead redemption 2, which was a record. However, GTA 5 was the most sold game for rockstar as well as for the world. So this point also hints that rockstar games will not let the opportunity go to earn a considerable profit by releasing the red dead redemption 3 for different platforms.

They can earn even more by making it a platform exclusive if they want to. If you think of the timeline of the past game releases, hypothetically, red dead redemption might be available for the coming generation consoles of PlayStation as the current-gen console is PlayStation 5. 


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