Space Force Season 2 Is Coming Or Not? Everything Revealed Here! Check Out

The Season 2 of Steve Carrell’s Space Force is just around the corner as the first photographs from the show have been released by Netflix along with the release date of the show in February. 

The Plot of the Series

The wacky office comedy show is devised by the experts in the genre, Steve Carrell and Greg Daniels. The show brings backs Carrell to his TV beginnings with the famous show ‘The Office’.

The workplace comedy series is the sixth branch of the armed forces that is the United States’ Space force. General Mark Naird played by Carrell is given direct orders by the presidents to put his feet on the moon by 2024. 

Now as the deadline is approaching, one can only speculate what demands the Space Force will face in this new period.

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However, it can be seen from the released photos that they are dealing with stress in a very healthy way, as we see workplace Olympics taking place and experiments on Virtual Reality along with some Photoshopped montages.

On the other hand, the series takes its inspiration from the real-life Space Force founded in 2019 and has cast wacky characters to play the fictional equivalent.

The Release Date

The show received mixed signals when it was first released in May 2020 but Netflix decided to renew it for a second season anyway. Netflix also posted a series of posters on Twitter while announcing the set of fresh episodes that will be released on February 18th.

The post cautioned that not even gravity would be able to keep them down. The posters rightfully captured the crazy and strange vibe which was set in the first season of the show, and what lured the audience to the show.

Space Force Season 2
Space Force Season 2

The ‘Out of the World’ Cast of the Series

The key characters from the first season return in the upcoming season. A bunch of fan-favorite figures is shown in the set of posters.

Steve Carrell portrays the stern General Mark R. Laird and John Malkovich portrays the eccentric Dr. Adrian Mallory in the show, tasked to established this sixth military wing.

Other series regulars include the ever-so funny Ben Schwartz, the stunning musician Tawny Newsome, the gorgeous model Diana Silvers who adds glamour to the show along with the stand-up comedian Jimmy O. Yang and senior actor Don Lake.

The show’s co-showrunners are Greg Daniels and Norm Hiscock. Steve Carrell, Howard Klein, Brent Forrester, and Ken Kwapis all served as executive producers on the series. With the cast filled with all the wacky characters, it is quite evident that the Space Force will have plenty of non-conventional workplace behaviors and activities.  

The Season Description

The second season of the show is a tad shorter than the debut season, with just seven episodes instead of ten. The season 2 synopsis tells that the Season 2 of Space Force picks up with General Naird (Steve Carrell’s character) and his team of underdogs in need to show their usefulness to a new administration while coping with interpersonal issues.

The group has to hold together under all the stress which has got to be difficult, as they are all humans after all.

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The show that was originally intended as a spoof on Donald Trump’s presidential decisions will now have enough of real-life material to draw content from, including the reaction of the United States against the CoronaVirus pandemic and news of space travel itself, as Jeff Bezos strolled outside the Earth’s orbit recently.  

Steve Carell’s Say on the Show

It will not be wrong to say that shows like this are what Steve Carrell is known for, and appears to be comfortable with. Carrell, while talking with the EW last year, told that the series seemed just like a new avenue and explained how the show was inspired by the entity created by Trump.

He told that the show was created with something simultaneously, nothing existed beforehand, no one had ever explored anything like that before, and thus there would be no limitations, no parameters, no rules to follow.

It was a blank sheet of paper and that is what intrigued them the most. Talking about season 2, he said that he was looking for the next big stress relief song scene, as there are many in his previous comedy classic, The Office. For his character, he said that he wanted new opportunities for the General.

The odder and surreal the opportunities are, the better, as it would challenge the General to make tough calls and take control of the stresses and strains of the job.

Carrell teases of a song and we all know that it is going to be odd but funny, as he says that things come out of the blue and that’s their way of dealing with life. The actor says that he’d like to see some more of that, and we cannot agree more.  

The show is about to be released and all the fans are counting days. Will the Space Force be the next ‘The Office’ for Steve Carrell? However the show proceeds, one thing is confirmed, we are set for a quirky, odd but funny ride. 

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