Ultraman Season 2 Trailer & Release Date: Know about Cast and Upcoming Plot 

2022 has brought in a lot of happiness in many dedicated fans’ lives. Ultraman Season 2 has been announced by Netflix on January 6th, 2022. The announcement came out when the official trailer was released.

Also, it revealed 3DCG animations that made the fans super excited. Netflix definitely knows how to please the fans. 

The last episode of this hit series was aired almost two years ago. The fans were surprised with the news that their childhood hero will now have an anime adaptation. Interestingly, it is coming with another season and we have a lot of details to share. 

Ultraman Season 2 Release Date

In November, Netflix declared that the 2nd season will start streaming sometime around April 2022. But as we are already in 2022, Netflix has notified the fans about the date. The release date was announced along with the release of the official trailer.

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So, hold your breath, Ultraman Season 2 is going to come back on your OTT platform on April 14th, 2022. It is a Thursday and fans are ready to witness the ultimate session. 

Ultraman Season 2 Official Trailer

The trailer was released on Netflix Anime’s official YouTube channel. It was uploaded on 6th January 2022 and has revealed the details that fans wanted to know for so long. It can be said that Season 2 might be better than the previous season.

Besides, the super cool 3DCG animations brought so much life to the series. The trailer showed interesting action sequences, amazing scenarios, and an anime world that all fans would appreciate.

Despite having a low IMDB rating at 6.9/10 ratings and also MAL 6.7/10 ratings, it didn’t change the views of the fans as they certainly enjoy every bit of the show.  

Ultraman Season 2
Ultraman Season 2

Ultraman Season 2 Plot

Since the trailer has been released, the audiences can guess the storyline of the upcoming series. As the story begins, we see that human beings are disappearing at an alarming rate and Rena and Shinjiro are also missing. It is the Dark Star- an alien organization that is responsible for such an activity. 

It is upon the Dark Star as they have come up with an offer. The Dark Star asked the earthlings to give them half of planet Earth or they will sacrifice the humans whom they have trapped.

We can see Rena Shinjiro being a part of the team that is orbiting constantly around the Sun. However, it was Shinjiro who discovered Dark Star’s schemes. Later he was trapped in between SSP as well as Dark Star where his life was hanging by a thread. 

For the ultimate battle, we can see that the Ultraman heroes were fighting against the Mecha- Giant Fortress. As the season will start unfolding, we will see the different ways and tactics ULTRAMAN, TARO, SEVEN, ACE, and JACK will use to keep the Giant Fortress safe. So, how successful are they going to be? You can find out everything once it is released.

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Ultraman Season 2 Cast 

One must note that the cast for the Japanese and English versions of Ultraman is different and we will see almost the same characters in season 2 as well.

For the English version the casts consist of Josh Hutcherson playing Shinjiro Hayata, Chris Edgerly being Yosuke Endo, Mick Wingert as Yapool, Steven Jay Blum is Adad, Fred Tatasciore plays Shin Hayata, Gunnar Sizemore is Seiji Hokuto, Ray Chase portraying Ace Killer, Matthew Mercer doing justice as Bemular, Robbie Daymond as Jack, Brian Palermo voicing Mitsuhiro Ide, Liam O’Brien is Dan Moroboshi, D. C. Douglas as Edo, and finally Tara Sands playing the legendary Rena Sayama. 

The names of new additions aren’t shared so, once we get the information, we will update you.

A lot of details are shared by the streaming partner and the trailer itself. As the time is nearing, we hope the fans are thrilled to go on this adventurous journey. Ultraman Season 2 will make the anime fans happy.


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