WordPress 5.9 “josephine” Released, Introduces Full Site Editing and New Twenty Twenty-two Default Theme

Following a delay for a while, WordPress 5.9 “Josephine” is finally here with the much-awaited features of full-site editing that provide users with more control on on-site design and page templates.

This release is named after an American-born jazz singer Joséphine Baker, who achieved success on Broadway before relocating to Europe and gaining much popularity in France. She very often wended her way back to the US in the 1950s to vouch for the Civil Rights Movement, teaming up with demonstrations and cutting off discriminated venues.

For a long period, non-technical WordPress users were asked to hold off from the Theme Editor menu and were cautioned that the modifications that have been made there could lead their sites inoperable.

A new era in WordPress theme editing has evolved with the launch of the new template editor. It enables users to edit templates (home, single post, etc) and template parts (headers, footers, etc) with a visual interface.

For block themes, the new Site Editor and Styles interface has recouped the Customizer. Styles allow users to personalize their sites with various colors, typography, and layouts and also provide a more uniting appearance.

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Twenty Twenty-two: A New Default Theme for Building Beautiful Block-based Websites

Twenty Twenty-Two is wrapped in WordPress 5.9 as the first-ever block-themed default theme. It arrives with a set of pre-designed color palettes and a wonderful range of patterns for all types of creative combinations.

Twenty Twenty-Two was formed to display full-site editing features so that the layout of each page can be entirely personalized, which makes it a multipurpose theme.

A New Navigation Block

WordPress 5.9 arrives with block-based site navigation. Users will be able to choose from a responsive menu that always shows or one that aligns with the viewport.

WordPress 5.9
WordPress 5.9

The menu is saved in the database as a custom post type and can be utilized over templates and even after changing themes.

Other key updates in the 5.9 release come up with are mentioned below:

  • Pattern Explorer: Browse patterns with a close full-screen view. Add new patterns and edit them to fit into your site only with a few clicks.
  • Revamped list view: Drag and drop list items, expand and collapse sections, add HTML anchors to blocks
  • Enhanced block controls: New typography tools, dynamic layout controls, and finer control of design details such as spacing and borders
  • Updated Gallery Block: It gives all pictures the same style or style every single image differently, switch the layout with drag-and-drop

Developers have also brought us some new tools in 5.9, a new API for locking blocks, enlisting several stylesheets for each block, and theme.json support for child themes.

WordPress 5.9 was made feasible with the efforts of 624 contributors, who put their creativity and work on 371 Trac tickets and submitted 1,919 PR’s on GitHub. Translators have made WordPress available in 205 languages, and 71 locales were over 90 percent translated at the time of the launch.

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