Big Revelation About Chris Evans’ Transformation for ‘Captain America’: Trainer Simon Waterson Discloses Details 

Who doesn’t know Chris Evans? His role as Captain America will remain iconic forever. But do you remember the dramatic body transformation that we see in Captain America: The First Avenger?

Well, Marvel fans can never forget how Evans went from a skinny child to a muscular super-soldier. The 2011 film has raised a lot of questions and even made the jaws drop of the fans. If you want to know the secret, his trainer Simon Waterson has some tea to share. He ensured that even off-camera, he had undergone the same transformation.

Chris Evan’s trainer Waterson has recently launched his very own book, “Intelligent Fitness: The Smart Way to Reboot Your Body and Get in Shape”. So, during promotion, he told Insider about every single detail and the rigorous training process of Captain America.

When he first started training our favorite superhero, his body was like that of a college boy. His muscles, biceps, chest, and also core were not in proportion.  

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“He was quite athletic, but as he said to me, he typically did ‘the college workout,’ so he was a bit imbalanced,” Waterson revealed. “He just trained his biceps, and his chest, and his abs, and that was it.”

A very systematic and thoughtful workout routine had to be figured out for Evans so that he can achieve his ultimate body goal. He focused on building his muscle strength for enhancing mobility while doing action scenes.

Also, the main aim was to shape a proportionate physique. But one thing is for sure, the routine that he had designed for Evans back in 2010 didn’t change in nine years. Even when the last installment of the Avenger world, the Avengers: Endgame was released in 2019, Chris followed the same routine. 

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Waterson Claims That the ‘College Workout’ Aka ‘pub Workout’ Is Problematic

“What he called a college workout in the US is what we call a pub workout in the UK,” Waterson said. “It’s just about training your pub muscles, and your pub muscles are the ones that are on show for everyone else and not there for yourself.” 

If you have to hear from a fitness expert, Waterson mentioned that such training will create immense stress on your spine.

Your physical appearance will also be distorted. This mainly happens when one tries to build a chest without focusing on proportionately distributing the back muscles. 

People who fail to follow the basic rules may end up having kyphosis, a curvature that happens in your spine. Moreover, with such kinds of deformities, the chances of getting injured get high.

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Captain America Had More Movement and Lower-body Workouts During His Training

Thanks to Waterson for making Captain America look like a dream. Due to his transformative workout routine, Chris Evans not only got athletic but also worked on his aesthetics. The change was so drastic that Chris ended up performing his stunts.

“It was a mixture of heavy lifting but then also dynamic circuits,” Waterson added. “I would make it so he had great movements because Captain America has really good movements. We were working both angles, the aesthetic and the athletic to give him the ultimate performance.”

He shared some secrets that made Chris Evans the dream man he is. Evans used to do sprints, sit-ups, lunges, mountain climbers, and even total resistance exercises 

Evans always struggled in his lower-body workouts. Before 2010, he only worked on the upper body as well as the core. But Chris Evans being the legend he is, quickly became a master of everything.  

Even squats and deadlifts helped him get the ultimate mobility that he was looking to have. 

Now, that you know how the Marvel superhero achieves the body that many are dreaming to have, will you try it?

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