Resident Alien Season 2 Will Be Premiered on 26th January 2022: Find Out Latest Updates

A pizza is all Alan Tudyk needs to save humankind. Resident Alien season 2 is ready to hit your screens. The sci-fi series has been the favorite due to its intriguing concept and Tudyk is back to reprise as Harry Vanderspiegel, an alien who is living his life as a local doctor. 

Fans loved season 1 so much that they couldn’t wait any longer for season 2. So, your wishes will come true as it premiered on January 26th, 2022 and you can tune in to watch the full episode.

The fate of Harry is yet to be revealed as he has got human friends in a land alien to him. You can be a part of his entire journey as new episodes are going to come out soon. 

Resident Alien Season 2 Official Release Date, Time & Platform

As mentioned earlier, Resident Alien Season 2 is available to watch. It was released on January 26th, 2022. However, this exciting season is now going to be available in two parts.

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Yes, you need to keep calm as the show is going to be back with a mid-season premiere. For now, we know that the first half will end on March 16th, 2022. We still don’t know the date of the mid-season premiere but it is going to be disclosed.  

The show airs at 9 p.m. ET and on channel SYFY. We are not sure about the online streaming platforms that provide access to this TV show but we think that soon, there will be a solution.

Resident Alien Season 2 Cast

Many prominent faces can be seen in the series. We know who plays Harry but we will also see Asta played by Sara Tomko.

We can even see Alice Wetterlund playing D’arcy Bloom, Linda Hamilton as General McCallister, Meredith Garretson for the character Kate, Corey Reynolds as Sheriff Mike, Levi Fiehler being Ben Hawthorne, Mandell Maughan as Lisa Casper, Jenna Lamia for Judy Cooper, and many more talented actors are included.

So, you will not be getting any average acting since every single actor is going to deliver a masterpiece.

Resident Alien season 2
Resident Alien season 2

Resident Alien Season 2 Episode Updates

For those who don’t encourage spoilers, we would request you to skip this part. Rest can dig into more details.

The show has weekly releases and the fans do not know about the number of episodes that are going to happen. But we already have a clue of what’s next in the line and let’s share it with you.

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Episode One- Old Friends  

Released: January 26th, 2022

Harry who returned to Earth has already forgotten about his identity and it is Asta who can only keep him safe. So, the mystery revolves around if Asta will come to save Harry or not? 

Episode Two- The Wire

Released: February 2, 2022

Harry figured out a strategy that can save both Asta and Harry. But to execute that he needs to visit the Sheriff’s poker game. 

Episode Two- Girls Night

Released: February 9, 2022

He meets a woman whom he believes to provide the answers he has been looking for. This will help him in his new quest. 

Other episodes, like Radio Harry, will air on February 16th, 2022, Family Day will release on February 23, 2022, and you already know about the mid-season finale. 

A lot of questions are in the viewers’ minds but you can’t know everything until the season ends. The story has a lot of layers.

You cannot blame the fans for having high expectations and fans are eagerly waiting to find out the truth. So, start watching and stay excited about the next episode.

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