Shredders Are Going to Release on 17th March, Xbox Store

Foampunch’s Shredders is coming off as a great spiritual successor to the enormously famous but now dormant SSX, and as such, a lot of fans have been keeping a tab on the release of the game. As of now, the game is expected to be released later this month on Xbox and PC, though still there is not a confirmed release date for Shredders.

Although, a Microsoft Store listing has confirmed a revised release date of March 17 (as found by The Loadout). The developers have not made any announcement yet for such release date. For example, the official Twitter handle for the game is still reflecting a release date for February 2022.


Apart from all this, Shredders also confirmed a Steam release, however, it will be kicking off sometime following the game launches on Xbox Series X / S with an indefinite Winter 2022 launch.

The game is giving players a glance into the world of professional snowboarding with its open environments and gameplay that is inspired by real-world pros. If you are searching for a game to scratch that extreme sports itch, this looks like it could be the apt title for you.

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