Ultrawings 2 Quest 2 Is Launching At The Beginning Of February

Bit Planet Games is all set to roll out Ultrawings 2 on Quest 2 in early February.

What Is The Release Date Of Ultrawings 2 Quest 2?

The flight game spin-off kicks off on the standalone headset on February 3, as confirmed with a new trailer below. Also, a wishlist page has gone live on the Oculus Store.

To be precise, this is only for the standalone edition of the game, Ultrawings 2 is also launching on PC but a confirmed release date for that edition is yet to be confirmed currently.

The Ultrawings games hit a harmony between simulation and arcade gameplay. They do not consist of a completely realistic approach such as a Microsoft Flight Simulator, for instance, but still, you do need to get used to a cockpit, master tricky landings, and handle the controls to excel in the game.

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We have been hands-on with the game thoroughly already, and it’s coming along very well. The virtual flight stick can control work nicely and there are several islands to explore between.

As you play you will unravel new aircraft to master, with each featuring its different challenges. In addition to that, Bit Planet is making addition of new combat tasks to the game, allowing dogfights in the series for the very first time.

Ultrawings 2 Quest 2
Ultrawings 2 Quest 2

Merged with the regular stunt and race tasks and also other objective types, the developer commits that the game will surely be keeping you occupied for a while.

In other places, the game may launch on PSVR, however, an official edition for that platform has not been announced at this time.

We will keep you updated with all the latest information, until then stay tuned.

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