China Unicom Is Banned In US Due to Spying Concerns

China United Network Communications cluster Co., Ltd. or China Unicom is China’s Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator. China Unicom is the world’s sixth-largest mobile service supplier by subscriber base.

Started as a wireless paging and GSM mobile operator, it currently provides a variety of services as well as mobile network, long-distance, native line, electronic communication, net services, and information processing telecommunication.

License to Operate in the Us Called Off

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission rejected China Unicom port Ltd. from the U.S. market, adding to the tally of Chinese telecommunications corporations sanctioned by the agency over security considerations.

Thursday’s actions on a 4-0 vote follow last year’s FCC action to bar China telecommunication (Americas) business firm and the agency’s refusal two years earlier to let China Mobile Ltd. enter the U.S. market.

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The voting shows potential spying and information thievery by Chinese state-owned corporations remains a priority underneath President Joe Biden once being elevated as a difficulty by his forerunner President Donald Trump.

“There has been mounting evidence, and with it, growing concern, that Chinese state-owned carriers pose a real threat to the security of our telecommunications networks,” said independent agency presiding officer Jessica Rosenworcel.

The independent agency has started “similar revocation proceedings” against Chinese carriers Pacific Networks business firm. And ComNet, Rosenworcel said. 

China Unicom
China Unicom

Unicom Still Defends Itself

“It’s a big deal in the sense that any Chinese telecommunications firm poses a threat,” Rasser said in an interview. “From a purely business point of view, it’s not a big deal.”

China Unicom is one of the biggest carriers in China, however isn’t a serious service supplier within the U.S. the corporate provides mobile service and chartered lines within the U.S. and net access and cloud and information services.

It aforesaid in Associate in Nursing emailed statement that it’s complied with the law which the independent agency acted “without any justifiable grounds and without affording the required due process.”

China Unicom “will proactively protect the rights and interests of the company and its customers,” the corporate said within the statement.

Chinese Foreign Ministry interpreter Zhao Lijian echoed those comments weekdays at a daily press briefing in Beijing, adding that the U.S. “Once again used security as a pretext to revoke the license of a Chinese company.”

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“That is a blatant overstretching of the national security concept, and an abuse of state power to suppress Chinese companies,” he said. The firm should discontinue service within the U.S. at intervals 60 days of the order’s unharness, said Rosenworcel.

The unit, formally famous as China Unicom (Americas) Operations Ltd., was earlier challenged by the independent agency to indicate it had been freelance from the Chinese government.


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