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iPhone Se 2022 Release Date Leaked: Everything to Know About Upcoming Features and Prices in the UK

Speculations and rumors surrounding the Apple iPhone SE have always been extremely unpredictable. While Apple has continued to upgrade their main iPhones every year, iPhone SE launches have been quite irregular. 

However, critics have predicted the launch of the iPhone SE 2022 or iPhone SE 3rd Generation as early as spring of 2022.

The iPhone SE series is popular among a specific segment, people who are looking for affordable yet powerful phones with a nostalgic old-school feel to them. With the previous two generations of iPhone SE, Apple has successfully garnered a good reputation among the fans of this portable and affordable device. 

Why the Delay With the Launch?

From the very beginning, Apple has launched iPhone SEs in a different time frame. In 2016, the first iPhone SE was launched and in 2017 Apple only upgraded it with additional storage.

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Although this small and compact phone did get a lot of attention in the consumer market, Apple quickly discontinued the iPhone SE in 2018. Finally, again in 2020, Apple came up with the new iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone SE 2nd generation. Looking at this track record, it’s not a big surprise that the new iPhone SE’s launch is delayed.

Ross Young, a display expert, predicted the launch of the iPhone SE 3rd generation in October 2020. He said that the new iPhone SE will not be hitting the market until spring of 2022 and many other experts also agreed to his remarks.

In a recent tweet, Ross Young wrote “Apple 5G SE model starting panel production this month. Phone production likely from March. This means a launch is likely for 2H April/early May with shipments from late April or early May”. 

Looking at this tweet, we can clearly assume that Apple is going to launch the 3rd generation iPhone SE in the first half of 2022. To add to that, DigiTimes, a Taiwanese industry news site, also predicted the 2022 launch in July of 2021.

iPhone SE 2022

More news poured in surrounding the rumor about the 2022 launch. Mark Gurman also hinted at the spring release after he went through the data of unreleased iOS devices in the Eurasian Economic Commission database.

Looking at all of this news from all around, we can be certain that Apple is going to launch the iPhone SE 2022 in the spring of 2022. 

iPhone SE 2022 Price, Connectivity, Build, and More

When iPhone SE 2nd Generation or iPhone SE 2020 was launched, Apple simply named it “iPhone SE” on the packaging.

They are likely to follow the same for the new iPhone SE as well. We can expect no mention of generation or year will be present either on packaging or branding. On the other hand, Ross Young believes the new iPhone is likely to be advertised as “iPhone SE + 5G” because 5G is going to be the standout feature of the new SE.

Looking at the current range of iPhones and their prices, we can expect the pricing of the new iPhone SE to be around $399. In case Apple plans on launching an updated and bigger version, the price can go up to $499. 

But the highest excitement of a new iPhone SE is surrounding the design. Apple has adopted a particular strategy when designing iPhone SE. While the 2016 model got the frame and hardware of the iPhone 5s, the 2020 SE adopted the body of the iPhone 8.

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With these designs on the outside, they provided major component upgrades on the inside, making the iPhone SE at par powerful with the current lineup of iPhones. According to the experts, the SE 2022 is also likely to keep the Home Button and Touch ID as the SE 2020.

If that happens, the SE 2022’s body will also be based on the iPhone 8 chassis. But on the other hand, with the latest range of all-screen iPhones, Apple can also go with a similar design for the iPhone SE. Discontinued iPhone XR or the current iPhone 11 can be the options for the frame of the iPhone SE 2022. 

An exciting design innovation however from Svetapple suggests that Apple could use the frame of the iPhone 12 mini for the new iPhone SE range. If that happens, it will be a serious leap forward for the fans of the iPhone SE.