Is Jason Momoa joining Fast & Furious 10? Official Reports out

Fast & Furious 10 has a new cast member and you are going to love it. After the official news, the fans cannot control their excitement. The worldwide famous franchise is getting bigger every day and we can see Aquaman joining the cast.

Yes, Jason Momoa is now a confirmed cast for its 10th installment and we couldn’t be happier. Well, he could be one of the possible villains in the team but whatever it may be, we will get to see more of this talented actor. However, the screenplay is still under the work and so, chances are there that he can be a hero as well. 

Universal didn’t confirm anything yet but Twitter fans are already welcoming him to the Fast & Furious club. The official Twitter account of the franchise posted a photo of Games of Throne’s Drogo and said, “The Fast Fam keeps getting bigger. Welcome, Jason Momoa.” 

Fast & Furious 10 Release Date 

News says that the Fast & Furious 10 can be the final Fast saga. It will be a two-part film, and so, the first part will be released as soon as 2023. If we have to trust the reports, then the date of release is May 19, 2023. Let’s wait for the final confirmation before increasing our expectations.  

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Jason Momoa Wasn’t the First Choice

This film will be directed by Justin Lin, the director of 2021’s F9: The Fast Saga. But we all know that before Jason, the team along with Diesel wanted Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock.

Johnson was a part of the franchises from fifth to the eighth installment and even was there in the spin-off Hobbs & Shaw. But for some reason, Johnson chose to reject the F9.

Fast & Furious 10
Fast & Furious 10

Vin Diesel on the other hand wanted to have him for the F10 but things didn’t go as planned. Diesel publicly requested the former WWE star to forget any differences and join the team again. He pleaded through a November Instagram post.

Besides, he even reached out privately. During an interview in December, Johnson clarified that there is “no chance” to join the team again and stated Diesel to be manipulative. But after rejection, the search was to cast someone who had the star power and also a rugged look with muscles. And who could have been better than Jason?

Even John Cena as well as Jason Statham were a part of the film. So, the bee part is going to be something more. 

Fast & Furious 10 Cast

The chances of seeing the who cast back are pretty high. It hasn’t been announced but there will be both new and old inclusions. The star-studded cast continues and we don’t regret it a bit. We hope that the entire family reunited for the final saga.

Since a lot of famous known faces can be seen, we can expect Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang, and Michelle Rodriguez. They will be seen portraying their usual characters and fans are hoping to find closure of each character’s story. 

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The film has also explored the world. From London to Tokyo and Central America to Edinburgh, they even found themselves in a secret bunker in Azerbaijan and the streets of Tbilisi. Family is a big part of the film and we will see how the family stays together in the last installment of the franchise.

Since the storyline or the plot isn’t disclosed, we do not know where this final saga will be going. For sure, there will be a tight storyline and a lot of action. For now, let’s celebrate the joining of Jason. With the last part, everything is going to be 100% epic. Who is ready for the final parts?

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