Netflix Left Off HRC Foundation’s LGBTQ+ Corporate Equality Report Because Of Handling Of Dave Chappelle Special

Netflix is facing a lot of backlash from the trans community over the controversy of David Chappelle’s special The closer. News has been reported that the corporations of Equality and their policies regarding the LGBTQ+ workers have suspended Netflix.

What Statement Has Been Released by the HRC Foundation?

The HRC Foundation has announced that the way Netflix has handled the case regarding David Chappelle and the transgender controversy is the reason for their suspension.

The annual corporation of Equality showed the data in which Netflix has always scored a hundred percent in the past years, which means Netflix was recognized as one of the best places to work.

But the recent event has shown a different picture, especially after the remarks of David Chapelle regarding the LGBTQ+ community. This will certainly be going to affect the image of Netflix for providing a safe environment to their workers.

As per the statement released by the HRC foundation, they are suspending Netflix from the equality corporate and will not be awarding Netflix the highest score in providing a safe environment to their workers this year as according to the HRC, Netflix has failed to provide safety to their trans workers as they did not handle the controversy of David Chappelle and LBTQ+ community and proceed with the show The closer.

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Moreover, there has been a quite serious discussion between Netflix and the HRC foundation discussing how the company can resolve this issue.

What proper should be taken by NetFlix to regain their position? How they will bring those steps into action to fulfill the corporate policies of Equality and also gain the trust of employees back so that they may start working with Netflix again. 

Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle

What Was the Response of Netflix Over the Remarks by the HRC Foundation?

Although Netflix was receiving backlash from many resources, they also presented their point of view on this matter. As their spokesperson stated, he respectfully disagrees with remarks that were given to Netflix.

According to him, Netflix has been working a lot to provide quality content that is inclusive as much as it is possible. They have worked on providing drama and series that covered various topics, which include the LGBTQ+ community same-sex parental leave.

Not only this, but they have also offered health care plans, surrogacy, and much more. They believe they have already provided so much content to represent the LGBTQ+ community, and they are still working on it.

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To date, it is only Netflix among the entertainment companies that have been publishing independent research in their content to promote diversity and inclusion.

Other than this, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos apologized for the decision he made regarding the release of David chappel’s “The closer”. he stated that he could have taken better steps as he realized the fact that his fellow employees are hurting badly over his decision.

He also added that Netflix is the ally, and they value the feelings of their yellow trans community. They are absolutely fine if any employee decides to leave the company due to the hurtful remarks, and they apologize for hurting their sentiments.

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