Rebelde season 2: Is Going To Be Out On Netflix? Every-Single Thing You Need To Know Is Here!

Rebelde was rolled out on January 5 on Netflix, and fans of the original series mustered to the streamer to see the renewal. Whilst a few people called the renewal a flop, others really had fun watching the entire new cast and plot and now people are interested to know regarding Rebelde season 2.

If you liked listening to all the new music from the Nonames in season one, you would be glad to know that there will be a Rebelde season 2 on the cards! Yes, that’s true.

On January 9, the Rebelde cast came together for an exclusive fan event and declared that the teen series would be returning for its second season. A new cast member was also confirmed at the event. Saak Music will be in the renewed season, but his character is still not known at the time.

What Is the Release Date of Rebelde Season 2?

With the announcement that Rebelde will be renewed for a second season, we all are waiting for a release date.

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Unfortunately, there is no official announcement made by Netflix about the release date of the second season of the series. Hence, we can just guess about the arrival of the second season of Rebelde on the streaming giant.

According to a report from SanatorioGeek, the previous two seasons were shot back to back and if this turns out to be true, we won’t have to be concerned regarding the production.

The show must now be under post-production. Post-production could be a long process, but we do not believe a series like Rebelde will be taking such a long period of time. 

As the first season of the series has been released just recently, Netflix will most probably wait to see the response and then announce the rolling out of the new season.

Rebelde season 2
Rebelde season 2

But it seems like we won’t have to wait for a much longer period as according to reports from sources, the second season will air prior to the end of 2022.

If the second season of Rebelde does not roll out until the end of this year, then we think there is a reasonable opportunity that we will be able to watch the second season early next year.

More particularly, by January 2023. This would turn it into a full year since the first season had come out. This will also follow Netflix’s usual release pattern for new seasons of its original series.

As soon as Netflix makes the official announcement about the release date, we will be updating this for you, until then stay tuned to get all the latest updates.

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