Suicide Squad Confirms Amanda Waller Is King Shark’s Mother

A secret has been revealed by the Suicide Squad leader Amanda Waller that she is the mother of the agent King Shark that has gone rogue. Amanda has collected a group of highly skilled individuals to make the most powerful squad she has ever assembled just to take King Shark back in her control. 

The Bombshell Dropped by the Franchise

Amanda Waller of the Suicide Squad has always been a person of secrecy. She has disguised herself and the real breadth of her ambitions behind reams of private documentation, clandestine discussions, and top-secret missions as the long-time leader of Task Force X.

The Suicide Squad: King Shark #12 just revealed that the cruel leader of the squad and the humanoid shark Nanaue are considerably more related than even the most ardent fans suspected. Nanaue’s custody was delegated to Amanda Waller by his father, the shark God Chongdraka.  

Where Did the Secret Come Out?

At the start of the series, Amanda lets King Shark out of her custody to compete in the Wild Games. The Wild Games are a metaphysical tournament of animal life that was a medium to determine what species would be the ruling species of the Earth into the future.

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To establish a new status quo and to reveal some unpleasant truths, Nanaue has returned. Waller’s typical implanted bombs weren’t enough to ensure King Shark would fulfill her command to return, so she sent a low-level criminal Defacer that Nanaue considered a friend, along with him when he left Belle Reve to meet his father, the Shark God Chondrakha.

The Wild Games kept Defacer out of the reach of her boss, Waller, her unorthodox win in the Games with his ‘friend’ King Shark has changed the circumstances, now that she is back home, and also exposed.

When they returned from the Wild Games, King Shark tells Waller that he will be choosing his Suicide Squad missions from the moment and would now operate as a brutal hero rather than being her wicked muscle.

Waller then threatened King Shark that she would kill Defacer if he did not agree to her requirements but was stunned when Nanaue stated that Amanda would not do such a thing because King Shark was her child.

Chondrakha, the Shark God, had given Nanaue to Waller as a living weapon as he wanted him to endure a rough life so he would be ready for the Wild Games, according to previous issues but considering the age, Waller was not just being entrusted with a superhuman asset but also a grieving child that she had to take care of. King Shark said that his father made her the parent she always wanted to be.

Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller
Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller

A Secret, but Not a Surprise

The fact that Waller agrees to the demands put forward by King Shark is enough evidence that the claims were indeed factual, but the claim itself was not that shocking.

Amanda Waller has been portrayed as a woman who has lost her husband and children to a chaotic society that has promoted her to use horrible measures to regain total control.

It’s understandable that, after accepting the duty of parenting a little child, even if it’s a demigod shark, she’d revert to the parental role that had been stolen from her years before.

Surprisingly, the situation had worked out for her. Waller may be so frigid to her charges that Nanaue has only recently learned how she felt for him. However, now she has an unkillable son who would spend his life serving her broad objective of making this world a better place to live, but now the child knows it.

Chondrakha, against the wishes of the biological mother of King Shark, Kaikea, wanted his son to be brought up by someone who would turn him into a killing machine but the adoptive mother he got was someone who cares for him and who is shown to be using her resources to rescue vulnerable children from human trafficking at the conclusion. 

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It will be very interesting to see how the relationship between these two characters develops in the Suicide Squad universe. The relationship will give an odd stance to Waller with one of her men and the DC Universe an unconventional new hero.

Suicide Squad: King Shark #12 ends on a good note for both Amanda Waller and King Shark, giving them some kind of family and transforming Nanaue into a better-adjusted demigod and a real force for good. 


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