What Is Neocov: What Who Says on This New Coronavirus Variant and Deadlier’ Coronavirus Strain That’s Left Wuhan Scientists Concerned?

The last two years have been substantially chaotic given the adverse pandemic situation. Not many would have anticipated such an outbreak could take over the World, halting normal life and taking away millions of lives.

If you’re still recovering from the aftermaths of a covid stricken world, know that you are not alone. With mental and physical health heavily compromised, the hope of normal life seems rather dim.

A ray of hope emerged amidst the rising tension when vaccinations were proven to become effective. But alas it doesn’t look like the pandemic will give in without a tough fight.

The Pandemic Continues

The virus yet again terrorized the masses with its new mutations which were highly transmissible and more deadly. There was a sigh of relief for a short period when corona cases were gradually subsiding, but the latest Omicron variant made it pretty short-lived.

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Its ultra-transmissibility made it dangerously contagious. Thankfully, booster shots seemed to work against the variant and a study of cases revealed that the symptoms were rather mild and patients inflicted with the variant were less likely to die.

A quick recovery trend was observed alongside more infections. Omicron is yet to be controlled as various countries are majorly infested with omicron patients. 

Is NeoCov a Real Concern or Just a Hoax?

Albeit in hopes to see the growing infection rate die down, a discovery has been making rounds. The veracity of the circulating news is doubtful but as Sputnik reported, Wuhan scientists have potentially discovered a new strain found in South African bats.

A peer review is still pending however, WHO has ordered to look further into the matter. The new strain has a similarity with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) but also shares characteristics with the CoronaVirus. Similar to Omicron the strain has high transmissibility but unlike the former variant, this can prove to be fatal. 


Research on Neocov and Its Potential to Infect Human Cells

The study entails that the strain is found in mammals but further speculations have been made which specify it has the potential to infect humans. The scientists have made a worrying revelation that the virus only requires another mutation to develop the characteristics enabling it to enter human cells.

The research has revealed that human antibodies and vaccinations are redundant against the novel strain and will not be able to provide any protection as the virus binds differently than coronavirus to the ACE receptor.

The virus is found to be an amalgamation of the high transmissibility of coronavirus and the deadly nature of the MERS virus which has a very low mortality rate. The scientific council of the Russian Academy of Sciences has reported that the discovery is interesting but it is not very easy to tell the dangers this could entail.

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There is a high magnitude of such strains in wild animals and further research could reveal the potential of infectious diseases that could be spread from such animals.

Let’s hope there is little scope for this virus to become a potential pathogen that could affect humans. Let’s keep our boosters and vaccinations in check. Hopefully, we can rise from this pandemic situation soon. Stay safe! 


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