Biden Is Running a Human Smuggling Operation: Jesse Watters

In the opening monologue of “Jesse Watters Primetime”, Jesse Watters called out on the immigration policy of President Joe Biden this Friday.

Watters said that Joe Biden is practically running a smuggling operation of humans.; migrants are handed over to Biden at the border, and he puts them in bus or plane and lands them anywhere around the country.

He said that these illegals come and are employed by the big businesses; this helps them keep the wages minimum, exactly what donors wish for. Migrants get cash, so you can easily get around without paying taxes.

Then they send this money back, and other families pay cartels for immigration, and this cycle continues, and the number of Democrat voters keeps increasing. 

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These operations are specifically beneficial for the Chinese as they ship synthetic substances to Mexican ports.

This statement was about a report by a congressional committee about Chinese brokers laundering Mexican drug money using the financial system of China.

Jesse Watters questions President Joe Biden why is he letting this happen and betraying his people? He asks how soft President Joe Biden is on China and the cartels, ignorant of the fact that the Americans are getting hurt.

Around 2 million migrants have been seen entering the United States of America since Biden took charge of the office, reported Jesse Watters. He says that more than half of them have stayed, and millions of them we might have just missed out.

During his campaign, Biden invited these migrants to the U.S. mentioned by Jesse Watters. Out of fear of revolt against him and pride, Joe Biden deconstructed the border policies of Trump, said Watters without hesitation. 

Jesse Watters points out how problematic it is that the migrants can vote in New York City elections, which means citizens of other countries are voting in American elections; we can now detect 800,000 new voters here.

They can go to college and apply for student loans, can own a liquor store with possession of a handgun, and would only be charged with a misdemeanor. The migrants cannot be deported as well because we live in a sanctuary city. 

Jesse Watters biden
Jesse Watters biden

Immigration Policy of the Joe Biden Administration

Many of Biden’s immigration policies are simply based on reversing most of the policies previously introduced by former president Donald Trump.

Just on his first day in office, he changed various immigration policies of Trump, including halting the Mexican border wall construction, removing the travel ban from 14 countries that Trump initiated, and reaffirming the protections for DACA recipients. 

On January 23, 2021, Biden presented an immigration bill and introduced it to Congress. The bill would give way to citizenship to almost 11 million undocumented immigrants who are currently residing in the United States.

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This would create an eight-year-long path to citizenship for the unauthorized immigrants (around 10.5 million) already living in the United States. The comprehensive legislation would update the existing family-based immigration system, revise the rules of employment-based visas and additionally increase the number of diversity visas.

The Biden administration has proposed many new ways to create legal pathways for immigrants to enter the United States. 

Many of Biden’s policies were not well received by the public. Just like Jesse Watters slammed President for his biased and unjust policies in favor of immigrants. His main concern is how it is affecting the overall systems of the United States; employment, residence, college loans, everything included.

According to Jesse Watters, favoring the immigrants just is not in the best interest of Americans. His show has undoubtedly created a buzz, and it takes courage to analyze President’s policies like this and call him out. Let’s see what happens next.

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