EARTHGANG Didn’t Drop “Ghetto Gods” on Release Date, Leaving Fans Confused

Where Is the Album “Ghetto Gods?”

Atlanta-born duo and Dreamville artists EARTHGANG announced their album Ghetto Gods back at the starting of November last year. The album, a spin-off to their 2019 full-length body of work Mirrorland, was mentioned to have a slated release date of January 28, 2022.

Not only was there an announcement but a trailer of the album had also been revealed. 2 Chainz, a fellow Georgia native, gave a formal yet authentic description to the upcoming album.

Taking into consideration the time Dreamville had taken for the revelation, not coming out of the album on scheduled time turned out as a surprise.

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Listeners took to Twitter with their dilemma on EARTHGANG’s Ghetto Gods being M.I.A.: 

Some Fans Claimed It Was Expected

Whilst some fans were waiting for the release of the album to streaming services, many fans said that this was “expected.” There was no cover art, tracklist, or term of the album in the days ahead of its expected release.

earthgang ghetto gods
earthgang ghetto gods

Listeners had no actual evidence that the album would be rolled out on time, so some had already decided not to keep their expectations up.

There is a possible saving grace for the timing of EARTHGANG’s Ghetto Gods release (or lack thereof). J. Cole, Dreamville’s founder and leader of the pack, has a birthday on January 28.

EARTHGANG is slated to perform at an event conducted on said day, which means it’s probable that the group will give the performance on the album and release it later.

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